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Netflix is serving up all the fixins.

Longtime Netflix subscribers know the drill: On the first of the month, a large bundle of Hollywood movies shows up for you to peruse. November will follow suit, but with less product than usual. Welcome to the new Netflix: A streaming studio committed to investing in high-end original programming, not just a haul of first-run leftovers. Next year the entertainment giant is planning on releasing 80 original movies, from A-listers like Martin Scorsese and Will Smith.

The good stuff comes mid-month now, and you’ll want to take notes.

What’s new on Netflix: Editor’s picks


Wheelman stars Frank Grillo as a professional getaway driver who finds himself with $200,000 in his trunk and some very bad people on his tail after a bank job goes pear-shaped. Staged almost entirely within the confines of the car, Wheelman blends an intense neo-noir storyline with a gritty, charismatic lead performance by Grillo. More French Connection than The Fast and the Furious, Wheelman is a ride well worth taking. —David Wharton

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There’s yet another Stephen King adaptation landing on Netflix, and this one involves rats and murder. In Zak Hilditch’s take, Thomas Jane plays Wilfred James, a Nebraska farmer who has a crisis of conscience when wife Arlette (Molly Parker) says she wants to move to the city and take their teenage son. What follows is a signature King ghost story but it expands in Jane’s dead-eyed portrayal of Wilfred. Mike Patton provides the anxiety-inducing soundtrack, and it couldn’t have been a better choice.Audra Schroeder

1922 review Photo courtesy of Netflix

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

Noah Baumbach has successfully usurped Woody Allen’s title as the greatest living director of New York comedies. His latest love letter to the Big Apple comes in the form of The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), a thoughtful meditation on the challenge of letting the pain caused by a parent go. Dustin Hoffman’s Harold Meyerowitz is an aging sculptor, largely overlooked in his time. His children, played respectively by Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, and Elizabeth Marvel, are all semi-dysfunctional, thanks to Harold’s over or under-involved parenting. As a comedy, it certainly isn’t a laugh riot, but it absolutely leaves an impression. Chris Osterndorf

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) Photo via Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix

American Vandal

Netflix has been growing its true-crime library with Making a MurdererThe KeepersAmanda KnoxAudrie & DaisyCasting JonBenetStrong Island, and the upcoming Long Shot. But with American Vandal it appears to be hedging its bets and going right for parody. American Vandal is, at its core, an eight-episode dick joke. Twenty-seven faculty cars were defaced with dicks in the parking lot of Hanover High School, and Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro) is the main suspect. “Everyone thinks I did it,” he says in the first episode.

“Did what?” the interviewer asks.

“The dicks.”

And so begins the exhaustive, hilarious search for answers, in the style of Making a Murderer or Serial—Audra Schroeder

Two men looking at papers, from American Vandal Screengrab via American Vandal/Netflix (Fair Use)


What’s new on Netflix in November 2017

Nov. 1

Charlotte’s Web (2006)
Field of Dreams
Men in Black
Michael Clayton
Scary Movie
Silent Hill
Stranger: Season 1
The Bittersweet
The Pursuit of Happyness
The Reader
The Whole Nine Yards
To Rome with Love
Under Arrest: Season 7
Undercover Grandpa
Where the Day Takes You

Nov. 2

All About the Money
It’s Not Yet Dark
Ten Percent (aka Call My Agent!): Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Nov. 3

Eventual Salvation
The Big Family Cooking Showdown: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Nov. 4


Nov. 5

The Homesman
The Veil

Nov. 6

The Dinner

Nov. 7

Dizzy & Bop’s Big Adventure: The Great Music Caper
Fate/Apocrypha: Part 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Killing Ground
P. King Duckling: Season 1
Project Mc²: Part 6 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
The Journey Is the Destination

Nov. 10

Blazing Transfer Students: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Dinotrux Supercharged: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Glitter Force Doki Doki: Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Lady Dynamite: Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Nov. 12

Long Time Running

Nov. 13

Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

Nov. 14

DeRay Davis: How To Act BlackNETFLIX ORIGINAL

Nov. 15

Lockup: State Prisons: Collection 1

Nov. 16


Nov. 17


whats new on netflix Photo via Netflix
Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond – Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony CliftonNETFLIX ORIGINAL
Longmire: Final SeasonNETFLIX ORIGINAL
Luna Petunia: Season 3 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Marvel’s The PunisherNETFLIX ORIGINAL
Red, White, Black, Blue Odyssey
Santa Claws
Shot in the Dark: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Spirit: Riding Free: Season 3 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Nov. 20


Nov. 21

Beat Bugs: All Together NowNETFLIX ORIGINAL
Brian Regan: Nunchucks and FlamethrowersNETFLIX ORIGINAL
The Case for Christ

Nov. 22

Cherry Pop
The Boss Baby

Nov. 23

She’s Gotta Have It: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Nov. 24

Cuba and the CameramanNETFLIX ORIGINAL
Frontier: Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
The Many Faces of Ito: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: USA: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Nov. 27

Broadchurch: Season 3
Darkness Rising
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Season 7 Part 2

Nov. 28

Glitch: Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Good Morning Call: Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
The Queen Of Spain

Nov. 29

Guerra De Idolos: Season 1

Nov. 30

The Details


What’s leaving Netflix in November 2017

Nov. 1

Back to the Secret Garden
Black Books: Series 1-3
Christmas with the Kranks
Get Rich or Die Tryin’
Hard Candy
The Brothers
The Legend of Hell House
The Matrix
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix Revolutions
The Newton Boys
Thomas & Friends: A Very Thomas Christmas
Thomas & Friends: Holiday Express
Thomas & Friends: Merry Winter Wish
Thomas & Friends: The Christmas Engines
Thomas & Friends: Ultimate Christmas
V for Vendetta

Nov. 3

Do I Sound Gay?

Nov. 5

Hannah Montana: The Movie
Sky High

Nov. 8

The Heartbreak Kid

Nov. 11


Nov. 13

How I Met Your Mother: Seasons 1-9

Nov. 15

Jessie: Seasons 1-4
The Human Centipede: First Sequence
We Are Still Here

Nov. 16

Cristela: Season 1
Dream House
Joan Rivers: Don’t Start with Me
The Break-Up

Nov. 17

Reggie Yates Outside Man: Volume 2
Somewhere Only We Know

Nov. 22

The Warlords

Nov. 25

Gringolandia: Seasons 1-3

Nov. 30

Legends: Seasons 1-2
The Gambler


What’s new on Netflix: Recommendations

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