The Daily Dot’s first and most important responsibility is accuracy. We make reasonable efforts to verify information by publication time and we disclose to readers transparently what we do and do not know to be a fact. Should we receive information that questions something we have published, we will not rest until we have established the veracity of that information and corrected the record.

Corrections will be made to the original story clearly and with explanation. In regard to material details being corrected well after publication, we will publicize the changes in a manner similar to the original publication of the story.

The Daily Dot may, in its sole editorial discretion, publish any statements or information shared in a public forum, including, without limitation, statements and information shared on social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. When information shared in public is of a sensitive nature, the Daily Dot will weigh the newsworthiness of the information against the author’s reasonable expectations of that information finding a wider audience in its original form. In its sole judgment, the Daily Dot may seek further comment, withhold personal or identifying information, or employ other procedures to be fair to both individuals and the public in such cases.

The Daily Dot’s ultimate loyalty lies with readers. The Dot and its employees will not change, spin, withhold, or otherwise manipulate the facts to please a source, advertiser, or other business partner. Individual employees will never manipulate the facts for any kind of personal relationship, and they will not put themselves in a position to profit, financially or otherwise, by their reporting.

The Daily Dot will never ask editorial employees to write advertising copy, and all advertising throughout any Dot publications will be clearly marked as such.