emmy nominees 2024

‘The Bear is not a comedy’: The 2024 Emmy nominations have dropped, and the internet has reactions

It was the ‘Bear’ and ‘Shogun’ show at the Emmy nominations ceremony.

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timeline shift

Why are people talking about a ‘timeline shift’ on TikTok?

Many users of the platform are saying we’ve entered a portal this week.

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Katy Perry on helicopter holding light against close up of her. There is text that says Decoding Fandom in the bottom left corner.

The Katy Perry fandom can’t save her from flopping

Responses to her new song have been largely negative —oftentimes scathingly so.

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paris 2024 olympics logo jokes

‘Yassified Tinder’: People are joking about all the things the Paris Olympics logo looks like

The image combines three separate symbols to mixed effect.

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Three split of three different women talking

Women are responding to a study that found metals in tampons with dark humor on TikTok

TikTokers are trying to understand how metals in tampons come to be and coping through humor.

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marc jacobs tiktok

Ranking the best Marc Jacobs collaborations with creators on TikTok

When style and memes meet, it’s truly fab.

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Ingrid Andres singer(l), Baseball player with hand over heart(r)

Country star Ingrid Andress performs a national anthem so cringeworthy even the players couldn’t keep a straight face

Social media laments a truly a dark moment for our tired nation.

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North West rapping in music video

Are ‘rapo babies’ the new nepo babies? Children of successful rappers inspire new nickname

The offspring of hip-hop artists may be the future of the genre.

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Drew Afualo spent the weekend destroying her haters on X

‘Only one of us is mad’: Drew Afualo spent the weekend destroying her haters on X

The influencer has no time to suffer fools on social media.

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Tweet blaming late-night hosts for Trump shooting gets dunked on online

‘Do you think they feel responsible?’: A user on X blames late-night hosts for Trump shooting attempt, gets absolutely dunked on

Dude says dumb thing, is made to feel dumb.

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katy perry womans world backlash

‘Very slapstick and very on the nose’: Katy Perry claims her ‘Woman’s World’ music video was satire after it flopped

The singer is rapidly backtracking after the release of ‘Woman’s World.’

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woman in hairdresser's chair (l) woman with hair dye (c) finished prism hair (r)

Prism Hair: TikTok’s colorful, viral hair trend, explained

Bring a little rainbow and illusion everywhere you go.

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Eyebrow blindness explainer

TikTok is sharing cringe photos to explain the ‘eyebrow blindness’ phenomenon—what is it?

Eyebrows can make or break or transform a face.

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TOS - '44 that's me!'

’44, that’s me!’: TikTokers are revitalizing the legendary Ickey Shuffle

This nostalgic touchdown dance is taking over the app.

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Obama greeting Team USA is being compared to 'Key and Peele' sketch

Barack Obama greeting Team USA Olympians compared to ‘Key and Peele’ handshake sketch

The former president just basically did a comedy bit IRL.

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