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#DogsAgainstBrexit highlights the negative impact of Brexit on pets
Some heroes wear capes, others have fur.
Brits are sharing their ‘awfully British Amazon reviews’ on Twitter
The hashtag was flooded with Brexit jokes.
WeWork pulls phone booths over formaldehyde concerns
Needless to say, this is exactly the type of chemical you don’t want to be in a confined space with.
Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly having private meetings with prominent conservatives
Facebook is drawing criticism from both sides of the aisle.
Firework is a social video app with a literal twist
The app is gaining attention for its unique video technology that allows users to film horizontally and vertically at the same time. 
Pro-Trump meme comedian Carpe Donktum suspended by Twitter (updated)
The suspension follows his controversial remarks.
Rumor: Apple to release $399 iPhone SE follow-up next year
The handset will come with a price-tag of $399.
Slow iPhone got you down? Here’s how to speed it back up
When your iPhone starts to slow to a crawl, you can get it back to normal with these simple tricks and apps.
Save your Android from itself: How to delete Android apps
Too many apps overloading your mobile phone? Here’s how you can uninstall some of them to improve performance and free up space on your device.
Milo Yiannopoulos’ website was sold
The news comes amid reported financial troubles for the far-right provocateur.
Girl says she was fired over exposing how Panera makes its mac and cheese on TikTok
As it turns out, its mac and cheese isn't as fresh as some thought.
Popular TikTok teens accused of pretending to be gay for clout
They went viral for their cute relationship.
Tinder’s video game will show you how prospective matches handle an apocalypse
Tinder users can play 'Swipe Night' every Sunday in October.
Hentai publisher says Kickstarter withheld payout for a month
It's not a good sign for the future.
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