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Experts warn of uptick in ‘Ryuk’ ransomware after hackers net $3.7 million
Cybercriminals are shifting focus to high-value targets.
TSA agents are the latest tool in the government shutdown meme war
Users are trolling opportunistic partisan players with the TSA agent meme that mocks how unpaid federal employees are being used as cheap propaganda.
A man found a camera in his Airbnb and the company didn’t seem to care
Airbnb apologizes for its handling of the issue
The ‘some of y’all… and it shows’ meme is taking over Twitter
Everyone can get in on this simple meme, but how long will it last?
Sprint promises to stop selling location data after outcry
They are they third company to stop selling data.
Did Laura Loomer get duped into believing Muslims got her suspended from Twitter?
The WSJ may have been pranked in the process, too.
People are mad about ‘Ghostbusters’ again
Shooting hasn’t even begun on Jason Reitman's reboot.
Discord allegedly used to lure teen to Florida trailer that housed sex slave
Seven have been arrested in case of two missing teens.
The ’10 Year Challenge’ isn’t as fun for trans people
As you can imagine, they face real privacy and harassment concerns.
New Nike shoes can be controlled from your smartphone
The kicks of the future are here.
Parents, teachers cry foul over Verizon fee hike for popular education app
Company claims it’s cracking down on spam, critics say it’s prioritizing profits over people.
Ajit Pai is refusing to testify about cell phone tracking data
He doesn't want to talk to Congress about this.
Gamers take themselves way too seriously
A SonicFox tweet has gamers up in arms. Again.
Judge rules police can’t make suspects unlock phones with biometrics
The ruling said doing so is self-incrimination.
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