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Trump gets serious about cyber warfare, elevates the role of Cyber Command
The administration is also considering separating the command from the National Security Agency.
Huge leak exposes private data of 1.8 million U.S. voters
The exposure was closed one day after it was discovered.
This sneaky iPhone Touch ID feature will let you lock out the cops
Apple is expected to release its OS update sometime next month.
Former female Google employees share stories of racial discrimination
Their experiences contradict the Google anti-diversity memo's claims.
How activists of color lose battles against Facebook’s moderator army
For activists of color, Facebook's censorship is a baffling maze with no clear exit.
Everything you need to know about Hey Siri
Hey Siri is a whole lot like Alexa, but just on your phone.
8 must-try Android apps for music fans
Unlock the music library of your dreams.
Mark Zuckerberg responds to Charlottesville, promises to bring people closer
The Facebook CEO said he is taking down all posts that promote hate crimes or terrorist acts.
OkCupid bans crying Nazi for life
He seemed to have such solid understanding of love.
This dating app is rewarding couples with smart vibrators
Who said dating apps don't pay off?
You could be owed money in a robo-call class-action lawsuit
Here's how to check if you're owed up to $900.
‘Game of Thrones’ social account taken over in widespread HBO hack
The social media hack follows weeks of crippling leaks.
Spotify finally starts removing white supremacist music from site
It's pulling and reviewing alleged 'white power' groups.
Apple CEO Tim Cook rips Trump in passionate letter about Charlottesville
Apple will donate $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League.
What Airplane mode is—and how it can make your life easier
Ever wondered what really happens when you switch on Airplane mode?
White supremacist leader gets banned from Facebook and Instagram
The social giant also removed 8 accounts promoting violence and hate.