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Uber Works wants to disrupt the idea of a living wage
'Temporary staff' might be good for business—but not for the staffers.
Discord is changing. Its first step? Controlling its userbase
Discord is growing, and it's at your expense.
Twitter suspends bots pushing pro-Saudi misinformation on Khashoggi
The bots were trying to discredit evidence of the journalist's disappearance.
10 terrifying books to read when you’re feeling spooky
Enjoy some scary reads as you count the days until Halloween.
Which service reigns between Pandora Premium vs Spotify Premium
With so many similarities, the battle between streaming services comes down to taste.
Discord’s new terms of service say users can’t sue
The policy goes into effect Oct. 23.
Tumblr security bug could have exposed users’ private data
Users' email addresses, passwords, and IP addresses were left vulnerable.
Twitter gets firmly roasted for telling users to ‘be sweet when you tweet’
Even Twitter isn't all that sweet when it tweets.
Twitter says Louis Farrakhan’s controversial tweet doesn’t violate policies
Detroit speech draws ire from pundits across the aisle.
A complete guide to watching VR porn
Nothing's sexier than a headset.
Facebook ads use communist, Nazi imagery to attack Democrat House candidate
The person behind the campaign remains anonymous.
Apple just made all your data available to download
Apple is making your data available if you live in the U.S.
Report: Amazon’s product review system harms independent merchants
Amazon is being accused of boosting its own products through a new review system.
Pro-Trump dating site DonaldDaters exposes users’ data
The site's launch date was leaky.
Uber driver charged after allegedly kidnapping, groping sleeping passenger
He’s also allegedly defrauded multiple customers for thousands of dollars.
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