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Chiefs, Bears, Packers have Twitter accounts hacked
Ourmine, the group which claimed responsibility, has a long history of similar hacks.
What is the #ILeftTheGOP movement?
It's mostly about Trump.
Auschwitz Museum calls on Facebook to ban Holocaust denialism
The platform has refused to label it hate speech.
Backlash grows against Clearview as lawsuit looms
The New Jersey attorney general also has directed police departments not to use the app.
Democrats are open to changing one of the internet’s bedrock principles
Some of the 2020 Democrats have strong opinions about it.
‘Zola’ is a surreal and wild tale of a road trip gone wrong
The epic Twitter thread is now a film.
Sebastian Gorka blocks pundit over Fleshlight joke
'The only thing @sebgorka is impaling is his Fleshlight.'
Woman slammed for trying to put UPS driver on blast
The woman posted a video of the UPS driver on Twitter.
Twitter users are sharing which celebrities have blocked them
'I tweeted that she looked like a cabbage patch doll trying to look hot, and she blocked me.'
Pete Buttigieg mocked over ‘staged’ walking photo
'It’s abundantly clear he is standing still, holding that weird a** pose.'
SESTA-FOSTA is ‘detrimental’ to sex workers’ safety, study confirms
Sex workers predicted the law's damage.
Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend allegedly sent his nudes to her brother, who then leaked them
There have been no reports that suggest Lauren Sanchez knew of her brother's intentions. 
TikTok teens use AirPods and Google Translate to secretly talk in class
The days of passing paper notes are long gone.
Woman no longer in sorority, school after racist MLK post
The University of South Carolina and Phi Mu have released statements addressing the incident.
Did the Space Force logo rip off Star Trek?
The answer isn't as black and white as some believe.
Disabled people with service dogs say Uber, Lyft drivers are denying them rides
Activists who spoke out faced harassment on Twitter.
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