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The Trump administration is ‘not worried’ about AI taking human jobs, and that’s a problem
A blatant display of ignorance by one of our nation's top leaders.
The ‘Break-up Boss’ might just stop you from drunk texting your ex
To get over someone, get under this new app.
Google, Howard University team up to fix Silicon Valley’s diversity problem
Google and Howard University will begin a computer science residency program this summer.
Watch an Amazon Prime Air drone deliver its first package in the U.S.
The drone reportedly carried and delivered a package containing sunscreen.
Apple says its computers are no longer vulnerable to the CIA’s alleged spying methods
The agency allegedly used four hacks dating back to 2009.
This little-known app will unblock your favorite shows abroad
Geo-locked content is a thing of the past.
The coffee table gets a long-overdue refresh with the Sobro
The Sobro coffee table includes a refrigerated drawer, Bluetooth speakers, and charging outlets. Swoon.
4-year-old uses Siri to save mom’s life
'She’s closed her eyes and she’s not breathing.'
Apple patent turns iPhone into a full-blown laptop
What do you get when you mix an iPhone with a MacBook?
Android users can finally download Super Mario Run
Now everyone can try Nintendo's first mobile game.
AT&T and more pull YouTube ads over concerns of inadequate hate speech filtering
Ads were auto-populating next to jihadist and neo-Nazi content.
Soon, you’ll be able to share your location with friends through Google Maps
You can share your location for 15 minutes to three days with your contacts.
Google Home gets defensive when asked about the CIA
Well, that escalated quickly.