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Facebook gives Congress 30,000 Russia-linked ads, vows greater transparency
Facebook plans to overhaul its ad policies to thwart international election tampering.
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Google pays a staggering $1 billion for some of HTC’s smartphone team
Google just made a really big bet on hardware.
Mexicans cheer as dog is pulled safely from collapsed building
This dog stands as a symbol of hope following the devastating earthquake in Mexico.
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Suspected Russian Facebook page organized dozens of pro-Trump rallies last year
Did pro-Trump page Being Patriotic come from Russia, with love?
This app is a game-changer for people who hate shopping IRL
This membership practically pays for itself.
Social media captures Hurricane Maria’s devastating damage to Puerto Rico
The devastation happened in real time on Snapchat and Twitter.
Amazon Alexa glasses are in the works, report suggests
By this time next year, you could be wearing Alexa on your face.
The simple trick to using screen recording in iOS 11
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Congrats, Amazon just gave you a baby registry
An errant email caused Amazon customers very real emotional distress.
Pi Music Player is the best Android music player you’re not using
Pi Music Player is nearly perfect MP3 player for Android users, as long as you don't mind sacrificing visual bells and whistles.