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This instant camera turns printed photos into GIFs
The device captures a six-second clip every time you take a still image.
Before Facebook, there was ‘ZuckNet,’ the chat service 12-year-old Mark Zuckerberg built for his family
The Facebook CEO built a messenger for his dad's dental business when he was a middle school student.
Here’s how to master Snapchat’s new Custom Stories feature
Snapchat returns with another fresh update.
Kickstarter’s new program aims to help hardware campaigns succeed
Maybe the next Kickstarter you back will actually ship on time.
Here’s how to leave a group text message once and for all
Group texting is supposed to be fun, but sometimes, no. It's not.
Comcast accused of censorship after sending takedown order to pro-net neutrality site
Comcast says the site violates its intellectual property, but activists are warning of censorship.
Leaked documents show extent of sexual abuse on Facebook
Moderators reported more than 50,000 potential cases of revenge porn in January alone.
Nicki Minaj becomes emperor of America in epic Twitter thread
Beyoncé may be queen, but in this Twitter story, Nicki Minaj is Dictator-for-life.
The surprising amount of data Netflix uses
Netflix could be racking up your phone bill.
Bitcoin soars, tops $2,100 for first time
The cryptocurrency's price is up 115 percent year-over-year.