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shelley duvall meme

Terrify your friends with the Shelley Duvall meme

Rest in peace to the queen of hotel-based horror.

On by Lindsey Weedston

original cmon do something meme by White Ninja

The ‘C’mon, Do Something’ meme, explained

come ON!!!!!

On by Phil West

the rock people's eyebrow

Where did The Rock Eyebrow Raise meme come from? 

Dwayne “the people’s eyebrow” Johnson: a short history.

On by Mike Hadge

woman in mask in a downward dog yoga pose

The Jack-O Crouch Pose challenges you to drop it down

Honestly? Impressive!

On by Angela Andaloro

Spray paint cans

What is the ‘chroming challenge’ on social media?

Another dangerous TikTok trend has resulted in the deaths of at least seven people.

On by Lindsey Weedston

blindfolded man with white hair

Nah I’d Win: Satoru Gojo’s iconic ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ line

……..nah I’d win

On by Lindsey Weedston

Girl in White tube top dancing (three split)

White tube top girl’s viral TikTok dance turns her into a meme

“How do I achieve this build?”

On by Anna Good

broadway myrtle station, Dunkin Donuts, Checkers, and Popeyes

How the Myrtle Broadway JMZ Subway Stop became a meme

May Myrtle Broadway remain iconic forever♥️

On by Aimée Lutkin

child in monkey suit standing in apple store

The Gay Little Monkey at the Apple Store: A history

People are channeling their inner gay little monkey.

On by Angela Andaloro

tiger woods saying 'big dog' while giving a high-five

The Tiger Woods big dog meme goes big

“When you have zero clue what the middle office guy’s name is.”

On by Lindsey Weedston

young woman standing in front of building with caption 'go piss girl'

How Gossip Girl spawned the ‘go piss girl’ meme

What do you say when Serena has to pee?

On by Lindsey Weedston

The Real Sketch with psychedelic background

‘That was me’—Twitch streamer Sketch OnlyFans scandal, explained

“I f**ked up, but I’m changed.”

On by Anna Good

man walking in front of shipping containers

‘Surprise mothafaka’—a meme history


On by Mike Hadge

young woman plugs ears

What does it mean to be a ‘yapper?’

“social battery running out at the function, call that losing my yappetite”

On by Aimée Lutkin

1 million beers meme

One million beers, please

Did you just ask for a one million beers meme? Because that’s what you’re getting.

On by Lindsey Weedston

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