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On by Andrew Wyrich


Scrolling In The Deep: In a bad situation? You’re ‘cooked’

Feeling confused about Gen Z’s obsession with culinary slang? We’ve got you covered.

On by Gisselle Hernandez

Baltimore Baby Bonus Fund

Baltimore’s Baby Bonus ballot measure is in turmoil

Baltimore’s mayor filed a lawsuit against the fund, sparking a ton of criticism online.

On by Tricia Crimmins

Woman talking(l+r), Amazon sign(c)

‘It’s totally unfair’: Amazon cracks down on workers ‘coffee badging.’ What is it?

‘Caring about all the wrong metrics.’

On by Stacy Fernandez

Members of the five talking(l+r), Kamala Harris(c)

Kamala Harris’ ‘Brat’ branding leaves Fox News hosts baffled

Fox News hosts are decidedly not ‘brat.’

On by Tricia Crimmins

Target sign(l), Woman talking(c), Hand pouring liquid into stanley cup(r)

‘Don’t buy the holder’: Stanley cup owner warns against buying accessories from the $1 section in Target

‘My defense.. the holder didn’t say only for 40oz.’

On by Melody Heald

JD Vance(l), Couch in living room(r)

Why is everyone suddenly claiming J.D. Vance made love to a couch?

‘Voters in NC, the U.S. furniture capital, should be particularly horrified.’

On by Mikael Thalen

Car Dealership(l), Man talking(c), Car(r)

‘You’re still responsible’: Man trades car into dealership. The dealership didn’t pay it off like it was supposed to

‘I work in auto loans and see this DAILY.’

On by Braden Bjella

Woman talking(l+r), Disney Castle(c)

‘Disney can be incredibly expensive’: Woman shares how to get whole meal—drink and all—at Disney for only $8

‘Best kept secret!’

On by Braden Bjella

Woman talking(l), McDonalds sign(c), Hand on POS screen(r)

‘​​Wendy’s would neverrr’: McDonald’s worker complains about the $5 meal deal, shows what it looks like on POS system

‘No bc why are they extending them.’

On by Melody Heald

Woman talking(l+r), Second woman showing off swimsuit(c)

‘You would think this is common sense’: Woman complains about swimsuit top for 8-year-old. It backfires

‘Those pads are not there to convey any inappropriate meaning.’

On by Natasha Dubash

Man talking(l+r), Hands working on car engine(c)

‘It’ll run another 50,000’: Mechanic reveals whether you should fix your car’s engine—or it’s time to scrap

‘That is a common problem nowadays.’

On by Parks Kugle

Mechanic checking car(l), Underneath car(r)

‘Thank you for believing her’: Female driver brings car into shop after ‘being stalked.’ Mechanic can’t believe what he finds

‘I hope you get all green lights & your pillow is cool on both sides.’

On by Stacy Fernandez

Man looking upset(l+r), uber app(c)

‘The way he laughing bc he knew’: Passenger taps button on Uber driver’s game tablet. It cost him


On by Tangie Mitchell

Woman talking(l+r), Doordash app on phone(c)

‘That’s why I only accept $8 or higher’: DoorDash driver completes 10 orders in 2 hours. Her earnings are less than one meal

‘I always tip my delivery drivers $10 and I’m learning that’s still not enough.’

On by Rachel Cohen

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