The best Netflix original movies of 2019


These films run the gamut from socially conscious sports dramas to satirical art-horror flicks.

It may be early in the year, but a handful of excellent Netflix original movies have already hit the platform. While the streaming giant’s increased emphasis on original content yields some questionable results, these films stand out for their unique concepts and often heart-wrenching emotional impact.

The best new movies on Netflix in 2019 run the gamut from heartfelt sports dramas touching on relevant social issues to satirical horror flicks poking fun at the pompous art world. With 2018’s Roma earning unanimous critical acclaim and racking up 10 Academy Award nominations, look for more top-tier Netflix originals to appear on the platform soon.

Here are the best Netflix original movies of 2019—so far. (For a complete list of our favorite Netflix original movies of all time, go here.)

The best Netflix original movies of 2019

1) High Flying Bird

Netflix original movies 2019: High Flying Bird Netflix

High Flying Bird tells the story of a sports agent caught in the crosshairs of an NBA lockout who tries to end it on his own. A strong script from Moonlight screenwriter Tarell Alvin McCraney and a leading performance from André Holland make a potentially insider story compelling, and the film takes on the NBA’s long history of exploiting Black athletes in the process. —Michelle Jaworski

2) Soni

Netflix original movies 2019: Soni Netflix

Soni is a movie about a society that devalues women on a systemic and personal level. The film follows two women who work for the Delhi Police: Soni (Geetika Vidya Ohlyan), a young police officer with a penchant for not taking crap from people, and her supervisor Kalpana (Saloni Batra). Both women battle routine sexism and bureaucratic headaches, and the cases they get often involve crimes against women. Despite the Delhi setting, Soni’s observations of inequality transcend borders. It’s like looking in a mirror: You see what’s right in front of you, but also everything around you. —Eddie Strait


3) Dear Ex

Netflix original movies 2019: Dear Ex Netflix Asia/YouTube

Before dying, Seng Cheng-yuan came out as gay and left his wife, Liu San-lian, and son, Seng Cheng-hsi, so he could live with his boyfriend Chieh. With their lives already upended, Cheng-yuan’s death leaves his family wracked with grief. Dear Ex is a darkly comedic look at three grieving people as they struggle to get their lives back on track. The strong writing, acting, and directing help the movie arrive at some moving emotional truths. —E.S.

4) Paris Is Us

Netflix original movies 2019: Paris Is Us Netflix

Elisabeth Vogler’s Paris Is Us follows Anna, a young Parisian woman in search of reality, authentic experiences, and anything that will tether her to people and the world. Feeling an increasing sense of isolation, Anna questions everything about reality, from everyday experiences down to whether she’s just living in a simulation. Paris Is Us is pretentious and honest, and it won’t be for everyone. Vogler shoots the film with a floating, fluid camera that creates indelible imagery and puts you in Anna’s headspace. It’s an immersive and unique experience. —E.S.

5) Someone Great

Netflix original movies 2019 - Someone Great Sarah Shatz/Netflix

When Rolling Stone calls, aspiring music journalist Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) knows she has to answer—even if it means moving across the country to San Francisco and jeopardizing her relationship with Nate (Lakeith Stanfield), her boyfriend of nine years. Someone Great is a coming-of-age story about transitioning out of your twenties and saying goodbye to people and places that no longer belong in your life. The heart-wrenching and relatable film challenges its viewers with the idea that sometimes, the best decision for yourself is the hardest one to make. —Tess Cagle

6) Paddleton

Netflix original movies 2019: Paddleton Netflix

Paddleton follows Andy and Michael, two best friends who must grapple with Michael’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. The two men stick to their routine, which includes watching kung fu movies and playing their made up game called Paddleton. Mark Duplass and Ray Romano give terrific performances in the leading roles, capturing what it means to be a friend, even if their characters have a hard time expressing themselves. Paddleton is a small, intimate movie that’s both funny and sad without ever becoming overly sentimental. —E.S.


7) Velvet Buzzsaw

Netflix original movies 2019: Velvet Buzzsaw Netflix

With a full commitment by the cast, Velvet Buzzsaw embraces its absurdity from the start. Set in Los Angeles’ art world, Dan Gilroy’s satirical horror takes on capitalism and the kinds of people who would try to profit from a dead man, even when it starts to kill them. You might not relate to most of the characters or any of their plights, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off them. —M.J.

8) Lionheart

Netflix original movies 2019: Lionheart Netflix

Lionheart follows Adaeze, a woman at the helm of her father’s transit company Lionheart, who seeks to prove herself worthy of taking over the company to both her father and society. As Netflix’s first-ever Nigerian film, Lionheart is not only groundbreaking; it’s a lighthearted, feel-good movie about both family values and feminism that’s an enjoyable watch for the whole family. —T.C.

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