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Internet activists to descend on D.C. in support of net neutrality
The in-person protest follows a massive online protest earlier this year.
Trevor Noah wants to know when Black people can actually protest
'This idea that black people should be grateful is some sneaky-ass racism.'
Sexual assault allegations surface against Ain’t It Cool News founder Harry Knowles
Sexual assault allegations are piling up in the film scene.
NFL player who became alt-right hero for standing for national anthem says he ‘made a mistake’
Some conservatives are comparing Alejandro Villanueva's apology to a hostage video.
Netflix thinks it can make in-flight streaming a real possibility
Get ready to stream the friendly skies.
‘Gerald’s Game’ is a stunning adaptation of a novel deemed unfilmable
Mike Flanagan's first Netflix movie is a gripping Stephen King revision.
TV shows are still learning the wrong lesson from ‘Game of Thrones’
After the first two episodes, can 'Star Trek: Discovery' achieve the emotional weight it needs?
Netflix phishing scam asks for your payment info
This one targets bank accounts.
‘Gilmore Girls’ creators sign another big deal with Amazon
Things aren't looking promising for 'Gilmore Girls' fans who wanted new Netflix episodes.
LeBron James says he won’t let Donald Trump divide America through sports
He compared the president to his daughter eating too many Skittles.
Airbnb’s latest stunt sends people on a shopping spree with Sarah Jessica Parker
Four users will shop and eat froyo with the 'Sex and the City' star.
Amid NFL protests, right-wing media finds its own Colin Kaepernick
Everyone from Ted Cruz to Tomi Lohren is showing 'respect' for Villanueva.
NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. defends NFL protests
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s statement flies in the face of other NASCAR leaders' threats.
Pharrell takes a knee at Charlottesville benefit concert
He's one of many celebs joining the movement.