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Chris Hardwick makes controversial, teary return to ‘Talking Dead’
Not everyone is happy about his reinstatement.
Anna Kendrick wins Teen Choice award, rubs Ryan Reynolds’ face in it
Ryan Reynolds is a little too quiet about this.
Vimeo becomes latest platform to drop Alex Jones and InfoWars
Vimeo is gathering a growing number of sites.
‘Fortnite’ streaming star Ninja says he won’t play with female gamers
A personal choice, or straightforward discrimination?
Ruby Rose quits Twitter after ‘Batwoman’ casting backlash
Some fans seem to think she's not 'gay enough' for the role.
The fall of Slender Man
Why the content killed the creature.
This woman got makeup tip requests after her mugshot went viral
The people demand to know how to achieve this flawless look.
‘Ordeal by Innocence’ is no ordeal at all for mystery lovers
This is a satisfying way to spend three hours.
KSI says PewDiePie ruined people’s lives on YouTube with anti-Semitism
PewDiePie had previously called KSI a 'scumbag.'
The best Netflix original movies of 2018
The best new movies from Netflix in 2018 find the streaming service increasingly focusing on an international audience.
The best Netflix original documentaries of 2018
From true crime to exotic food, it's all here.
Netflix’s docu-series ‘Afflicted’ leads you on a worthwhile journey with the chronically ill
'Afflicted' takes the viewer rides down the rabbit hole beside the desperate sufferers of mysterious illnesses.
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