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Some folks heard Paul Simon for the first time on ‘SNL’ last night
The legendary musician turned 77 last Saturday.
The best Christmas movies on Netflix
'Tis the season for streaming.
How to watch the CW online for free
Here's how to get your Supernatural or Supergirl fix.
This Spotify playlist will help you do CPR
These songs will give you life—literally.
YouTube will no longer monetize duplicate videos
Copycat videos will still be potentially allowed, but it will he harder for them to make money.
‘Iron Fist’ is officially canceled after 2 lackluster seasons
Danny Rand can't punch his way out of abysmal reviews.
Parents of popular YouTuber ‘McSkillet’ say he had ‘breakdown’ before causing fatal crash
An autopsy report shows that Heitmann had neither alcohol nor drugs in his system.
Netflix doc ‘Feminists: What Were They Thinking?’ barely scratches the surface on feminism
The documentary is a collection of stories—but not much more.
Laura Prepon’s new YouTube cooking channel shows you the perfect way to hard boil an egg
Watch her exclaim how tasty her creations are with a mouthful of food.
Is Jake Paul actually sad?
The latest Shane Dawson episode shows the YouTuber isn't as happy as he seems.
Robots may soon learn how to dance to ‘Gangnam Style’ through YouTube
One small step for man, a galloping dance craze for robot-kind.
Netflix anime ‘Forest of Piano’ hits all dissonant notes
The series is poorly animated and unoriginal.
‘The Off Season’ podcast examines the redemption chapter of the Me Too movement
The villain in this series is scary—because he's all too real.
All the big and small screens that can flawlessly stream Netflix
There's a way to stream on every kind of screen.
Review: ‘Daredevil’ fails to evolve in gloomy season 3
Marvel's flagship Netflix drama returns with more of the same.
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