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Leonardo DiCaprio slams Trump for failing on climate change
The actor also pledged $20 million to climate change activist organisations.
Jordan Peele’s next project is a Nazi-hunting TV series
It's inspired by true events and set in the '70s.
Melissa Joan Hart complains Hurricane Maria ruined her vacation—and Twitter lost it
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Jimmy Kimmel escalates his feud with Sen. Cassidy over healthcare bill
'Help me out, which part don’t I understand?' Kimmel said on his show Tuesday.
‘The Defenders’ was a bust—and here are the numbers to prove it
'The Defenders' attracted a fraction of the audience for other Marvel shows.
Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney fired by Trump, launches new podcast
Bharara goes into detail about how he was fired by Donald Trump.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch is getting a ‘Riverdale’ spinoff
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‘Wonder Woman’ gets the chuckle-worthy Honest Trailer we all knew was coming
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Gamer flees Mexico City earthquake while live on Twitch
He's urging followers to help out in any way they can.
Olivia Munn had to pay to be in ‘Ocean’s 8’
“They’re like, ‘Do your own glam,’" the actress said.