How to watch NFL RedZone without cable

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The price is worth it.

By now you’ve probably figured out how to watch ESPN without cable and streaming NFL Sunday Ticket online, but if you play fantasy football or love highlight reels, there’s one more piece to the puzzle for you to lockdown: NFL RedZone.

NFL RedZone gives you all of the killer parts of the NFL games without all of the filler. It will show you up to eight games at once, taking you from one end-zone drive to the next, ensuring that you never miss a big play. The best part? There are no commercial interruptions. NFL RedZone will find another live game for you to watch or take you to live commentary.

If you have a cable package, adding NFL RedZone only requires a quick call to customer service. But if you’ve cut the cord, it’s going to take a little more work. Thankfully, you have options. Below are three of the best ways to watch the NFL RedZone when you don’t have a cable provider.

How to stream NFL RedZone

1) fuboTV – $54 per month

Originally launched in 2015 as a way to stream hard-to-find soccer games in the U.S., FuboTV now offers one of the better all-around sports packages for those looking to cut the cord for good. its Fubo’s basic package ($44.99 per month) includes the NFL Network. For an additional $8.99 per month, you can tack on Fubo’s Sports Plus package, which is what you’ll need to stream NFL RedZone. That brings your monthly total to $53.98 for all the football action you can possibly handle.


nfl redzone streaming Photo via FuboTV


2) NFLSundayTicket.TV Max – $99 per month

NFL RedZone streaming DirecTV

AT&T expanded its streaming for the NFL Sunday Ticket to NFL fans who broke up with DirecTV by offering a special subscription plan. The standard bundle doesn’t get viewers NFL RedZone, but the NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV Max will.

The maximum package offers viewers the NFL RedZone, Sunday Ticket, and DirecTV Fantasy Zone for $99.00 per month or $395.99 for the entire season. That option allows you to watch up to four games at once on one screen and a feature called Short Cuts, which allows you to watch whole games, commercial free. You also have the option to add NFL Game Pass for an additional $50. To subscribe, just head to the NFLST.TV website and see if you are eligible based on where you live.

NFLSundayTicket.TV Max works with Roku, Apple TVAmazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV, Google ChromecastXbox One, Android TV, PlayStation 4, and both Android and iOS devices.


3) Sling TV – $35 per month

nfl redzone without cable - sling TV Sling TV

Sling TV is an “a la carte” TV-streaming platform that lets subscribers customize their TV channel listings starting at $25 a month. That means that you can choose a variety of packaged genres like Sports, which includes ESPN and NFL RedZone.

There are two bundles you can choose from called Blue and Orange, both of which offer different options for customization. You’ll want Sling Blue, which costs $25 per month and automatically comes with the NFL Network. From there, you’d add the Sling Blue “Sports Extra” package for an additional $10 a month, bringing your monthly total to $35.

The streaming service works on different devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, as well as gaming consoles and smartphones. But keep in mind you can only stream Sling TV on one device at a time unless you get the Blue + Orange plan, which costs $40/month but lets you stream on up to four devices at once. You’d still have to tack on the Sports Extra add-on, resulting in a monthly total of $50.

The combined plan would most likely be the best choice if you have roommates or family also wanting to stay up-to-date with the NFL season.


4) PlayStation Vue – $59.99 per month

nfl redzone ps vue PS Vue

PS Vue is the gaming console’s alternative live TV service, but it’s also one of the most expensive options to snag NFL RedZone.

The cheapest service only lets you watch live TV, as well as ESPN and ESPN2 for $44.99 a month. If you want to have access to NFL RedZone, you’ll need Core, a sports-heavy package that costs $49.99 per month, and then you’ll need to add the $10-per-month Sports Pack, which, in addition to NFL Redzone, also includes ESPN Goal Line, ESPN Bases Loaded, ESPN Classic, Longhorn Network, and NBCUniversal regional sports networks, among other things. That brings your base cost to $59.99 per month.

Even though the price is steep, PlayStation Vue comes with cloud DVR and lets customers watch whatever they want on up to five devices.


how to watch NFL RedZone without cable Screengrab via Dish Network


NFL RedZone streaming on the NFL app

If you subscribe to NFL RedZone, you can watch it on the go on your smartphone via the NFL app. All you have to do is sign in using your satellite or cable TV credentials.

If you’re already a Verizon customer, you’re in luck. Customers automatically get live access to the NFL Network included with their plan. All you have to do is download the NFL Mobile app from the Windows Store, App Store, of Google Play, depending on your device. From there, you can add NFL RedZone as a $1.99 monthly in-app purchase. 

nfl redzone streaming Screengrab via iTunes

How to watch NFL RedZone with cable

If you already have a cable package, then you’re in luck. You can add NFL RedZone as part of a larger sports package. Prices will vary based on your provider, but it’s a pretty deal no matter which cable company you’re chained to.

Dish: The Multi-Sport Pack costs $13/month with a minimum subscription and includes NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, plus a full suite of Fox Sports channels and more.

Verizon: The Vios Sports Pass runs $14/month and includes NFL network but only 13 other channels.

Xfinity: Comcast’s Sports Entertainment Package is only $9.95/month for six months, which is a fantastical and carries you all the way through the season. It also includes Fox College Sports, ESPN Goal Line, and CBS Sports Network, among others, and allows advanced HD DVR recording.

How to watch NFL RedZone on Amazon Prime

You can watch NFL RedZone on Amazon Prime. You just can’t pay for it there. Once you’ve signed up, you can use your credentials to watch NFL RedZone on Amazon Prime. This might not be the easiest way to watch—we’d recommend using the services standalone apps on the streaming device of your choice—but if you’re looking to centralize all of your streaming to Amazon Prime, this will certainly get the job done. There are three free channels for you to work with.

1) Sling TV: As covered above, Sling TV offers the cheapest way of watching NFL RedZone online, and the service now has a standalone Amazon channel.

2) NFL Sunday Ticket: If you settled on the NFLSundayTicket.TV Max package, NFL RedZone will be viewable via the NFL Sunday Ticket Amazon channel.

3) NFL: The NFL’s official Amazon channel will allow you to watch NFL RedZone with credentials from any of the options listed above, from FuboTV to a Dish contract.

watch nfl redzone amazon prime Amazon Prime

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