The 25 worst movies on Netflix

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From Ben Affleck to Adam Sandler.

When picking the worst movies on Netflix, it’s hard to know where to start.

With a rapidly changing library of titles, hosting your own movie marathon on Netflix is pretty easy. But instead of cherry-picking timeless classics or old favorites to enjoy, why not pay attention to those unfamiliar titles that you constantly find yourself weeding through and have yourself a bad movie marathon?

We sifted through the awful, absurd, and just plain WTF offerings of Netflix and managed to whittle an extensive list down to 25 semi-digestible entries. Representing all genres and countless questionable career moves, here are some truly abysmal titles whose creators will never have to worry about pesky things like counting money or Oscar statuette placement. (Here’s our guide for the worst Netflix original movies. While there’s some overlap between the two, there are plenty of terrible movies to go around.)

The worst movies on Netflix

1) Love, Wedding, Marriage

Directed by Dermot Mulroney, Love, Wedding, Marriage has the dubious distinction of scoring a rare 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, one of two Mandy Moore movies (along with Swinging With the Finkels) to earn the honor. In Love, Wedding, Marriage, Moore plays an alleged Berkeley graduate and relationship counselor with all the acting skill of an energetic high school cheerleader, and she gets no help from on-screen husband Kellan Lutz, who feels less like a romantic partner than her gay best friend. The film, co-starring Jane Seymour and James Brolin as Moore’s wackily estranged parents, wants to be a commentary on modern commitment, but as the New York Times memorably put it, it feels more like “punishment for a crime you can’t remember committing.” —Nico Lang 

worst movies on netflix - love wedding marriage triviatrailers/YouTube

2) Doom

I love the Rock. Everyone loves the Rock. I could watch Dwayne Johnson in practically anything. But this 2005 adaptation of the classic first-person shooter game is a mess. Thankfully, there are a few moments just ridiculous enough to make Doom watchable. But neither those moments nor the Rock’s presence can redeem the movie overall. —C.O.

worst_movies_on_netflix_doom Movieclips Classic Trailers/YouTube

3) A Question of Faith

The description for A Question of Faith on Netflix reads, “A death. A crime. An unexpected illness. When all seems lost for three families, faith shines a light.” So, spoiler alert, the answer to A Question of Faith is… yes. A better question would be why so many religious movies are terrible. Seriously, Christians, get your act together. —C.O.

worst_movies_netflix_a_question_of_faith Silver Linings Entertainment/YouTube

4) True Memoirs of an International Assassin

There are so many bad Adam Sandler movies on Netflix, it’s easy to forgive one for thinking that this action comedy starring frequent Sandler crony Kevin James was a part of their ever-growing list of Happy Madison-esque exclusives. Although the script by Jeff Morris appeared on the 2009 Black List—a yearly industry roster of the best unproduced screenplays—the final result failed to live up to the story’s buzzy inception. At the end of the day, True Memoirs of an International Assassin stands as nothing but yet another reminder of Hollywood’s tolerance for white male mediocrity that is embodied by Kevin James. —C.O.

worst movies on netflix : True Memoirs of an International Assassin Netflix/YouTube

5) Only God Forgives

If you enjoyed Drive but thought Ryan Gosling had too much dialogue, you might like Only God Forgives. Gosling reteams with director Nicolas Winding Refn for this crime drama about a drug-smuggler who seeks out his killer’s brother to challenge him in a boxing match to the death. It’s violent, it’s stylized, it’s so thin on plot you’ll want to feed it a Thanksgiving dinner. But like I said, it does get that chatty Ryan Gosling to just shut up already! C.O.

worst movies on netflix - only god forgives RADiUS/YouTube


6) Bright

Bright is an utterly silly, completely ridiculous movie, seemingly born out of algorithm-generated, genre-hybrid logic. One can almost hear Netflix executives reading back the data analytics: “People like fantasy, and cop movies, and Will Smith. If we put them in a movie together we can’t lose!” Unfortunately, this type of thinking is also why Bright ends up a messy mix of conflicting ingredients. C.O.

worst movies on netflix - bright Netflix/YouTube

7) The Human Centipede: First Sequence/The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

Yes, Netflix is currently missing the final installment in this trilogy. No, you should not feel compelled to seek out The Human Centipede 3, nor should you complete the exercise in torture that is watching the whole trilogy. Although the first Human Centipede movie was a notable example in pushing the “shock cinema” genre to new levels of depravity, the second film (if you can even call it that) is just proof that director Tom Six is trying as hard as he can to troll his audience. —C.O.

Worst Movies on Netflix: The Human Centipede Screengrab via YouTube/ScreamFactoryTV

8) The Outsider 

There was a time when the words “Netflix’s Jared Leto yakuza movie” might not have been instant cause for panic. In 2018, however, it should come as no surprise that The Outsider, a new Netflix original starring Leto as an American G.I. in post-World War II Japan who rises through the ranks of the yakuza, is a disaster. The film gets off to a decent start, dropping us in a Japanese prison and introducing us to Leto’s Nick with no explanation. But what starts out as a sense of patience graduates into a feeling of bewilderment as we leave the intriguing setting of the prison. As Nick climbs up the yakuza ladder from there, the movie goes downhill fast. —C.O.

worst movies on netflix - the outsider Netflix/YouTube

9) Transcendence

The idea of the actual singularity? Pretty scary. This movie based on it? Just scary bad. This Johnny Depp clunker from 2015 not only helped solidify the actor’s downward trajectory, it reaffirmed the fact that what makes for crazy science doesn’t always make for good sci-fi. C.O.

10) The Sea of Trees

Everything about this movie which finds Matthew McConaughey traveling to Japan’s so-called suicide forest is just… no. The nonsensical plot, the maudlin tone, the absurd twist… no, no, no. no. Bad movie.  C.O.

bad_movies_on_netflix_sea_of_trees A24/YouTube


11) Some Kind of Beautiful

Some Kind of Beautiful is some kind of terrible blessing from the bad movie gods. IMDb literally describes it as, “A drama about a Cambridge poetry professor who begins to re-evaluate his life of Byronic excess.” Really it’s more of a romantic comedy, starring Pierce Brosnan as the Byron-aping professor as well as Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek as his love interests. It’s the kind of movie so ill-conceived, so poorly constructed in every way, it gives a bad name to the entire rom-com genre. C.O.

Worst Movies on Netflix_Some Kind of Beautiful YouTube/Movieclips Trailers

12) Before We Go

Chris Evans’ directorial debut, about two strangers who spend a night together in Manhattan after one of them misses their train, feels like a quintessential vanity project. Evans co-stars with Alice Eve, and no matter how attractive these two are onscreen together, the movie is a misguided mess. It feels mean to say, but Captain America should maybe stick to saving the world because directing doesn’t seem to be his forte. C.O.

bad movies on netflix - before we go Movieclips Trailers/YouTube

13) Love and Honor

The premise of Love and Honor is so absurd, it’s hard to even talk about it with a straight face. The film stars Liam Hemsworth as Mickey, a small-town boy who gets dumped by his girlfriend, Candace (Teresa Palmer). Heartbroken, Mickey and his best friend Dalton (Austin Joiner) devise a plan to help him win her back… by going AWOL in Vietnam. That’s right. Who exactly is supposed to be the good guy here? Who’s the bad guy? Love and Honor thinks it’s romantic, but really it’s just stupid. C.O.

worst movies on netflix - love and honor IFC Films/YouTube

14) As Above, So Below

A brief poem for you, if you will: “As Above, So Below. To the French catacombs, these characters will go. Bad stuff happens, don’t you know. Should you watch this horror movie? The answer is no.” —C.O.

worst_movies_netflix_as_above_so_below Movieclips Trailers/IGN

15) Yoga Hosers

Kevin Smith doesn’t get enough credit. He may not be a technically savvy filmmaker, but he’s an excellent writer, and the movies he made in his ‘90s heyday are still classics of that decade. That being said, this 2016 comedy about two teenage yoga enthusiasts battling an ancient evil in Canada is just awful. C.O.

Worst Movies on Netflix: Yoga Hosers Movieclips Coming Soon/YouTube

16) Year One

It’s important to remember that the late and great Harold Ramis directed several episodes of The Office before he passed away in 2014. Otherwise, the final directing effort from the man who gave us Caddyshack, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and Groundhog Day would be technically be Year One, this miserable caveman comedy starring Jack Black and Michael Cera. Largely forgotten (and with good reason,) this 2009 misfire is one of those strange movies where some great people are all doing some of their worst work. —C.O.

worst_movies_netflix_year_one Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube

17) The Open House

The Open House is a prime example of Netflix’s “dump it and see what happens” strategy. It stars Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why) and Piercey Dalton as a mother and son who move into a friend’s mountain home when they can’t afford their rent following a family tragedy. Unexplained, eerie, and haunted stuff follows. It’s a slow-cooking and predictable flick, with an unearned payoff that boils to a gruesome ending. If you like carnage, skip to the end. —C.O.

Worst movies on Netflix: The Open House Netflix

18) Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie St. Cloud shall forever be known as “the movie where Zac Efron plays catch with his dead brother” (not a spoiler). It’s just as bad as it sounds, truly one of the worst movies on Netflix, imitating the Nicholas Sparks school of romantic saccharine to the letter. This movie came out in the days when no one knew how funny Efron is, so he was usually forced to rely on his hunky good looks, and even those can’t save this movie. —C.O.

worst movies on Netflix - Charlie St. Cloud ClevverTV/YouTube

19) The Babysitter

Bad horror movies always have a chance to salvage something if the kills are creative, and a few of the offings here fit the bill. There are arterial sprays that would make Quentin Tarantino smile. But this campy flick from music video director McG about a babysitter with a fetish for human sacrifice can’t get out of its own way: bad dialogue, bad acting, painfully self-aware jokes that play on horror clichés. It’s like going trick-or-treating and coming home to find out your bag is mostly full of Tootsie Rolls.

bad netflix originals - the babysitter Netflix/YouTube

20) Sabrina

When Aiden and Maira, a wealthy Indonesian couple, take in the Aiden’s niece, Vanya, following the death of her parents, she only starts to show signs of normalcy again after they give her the movie’s titular doll. Aiden and Maira become concerned though, when Vanya soon begins to talk to her deceased mother, whose spirit she believes has come back to be with her. This prompts the couple to enlist the help of two paranormal experts, Laras and Raynard, who reveal that the spirit Vanya has been communicating with is much more sinister than they initially thought. Though the movie contains some B-movie “so bad it’s good” laughs, Sabrina is mostly a cheap-looking snoozefest. —C.O.

Sabrina_Netflix_3 Netflix


21) When We First Met

If, for some reason, you missed the lamebrain guys from your high school who used to complain about girls putting them in the “friend zone,” then you’ll find plenty to commiserate about with Adam Devine. The film follows Devine’s character, Noah, as he travels back in time to make his best friend, Avery, fall in love with him and keep her from marrying her beefcake fiancé, Ethan. These Groundhog Day-esque hijinks are physically painful to watch, as Devine proves unfit for a rom-com leading man role, and the supporting cast fails to show even mild enthusiasm. When We First Met tries to split the difference between cutesy and crude, and subsequently accomplishes neither. —Bryan Rolli

worst movies on netflix When We First Met review 3 Netflix

22) Adore

Adore is trying so hard to be sexy, it ends up being silly instead. Starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright as a pair of mothers who fall for each other’s sons, it’s the kind of film that wants to be provocative, but doesn’t stop to consider that it’s taking itself way too seriously. Erotic dramas are great, but Adore isn’t sexy, it’s actually kind of boring. C.O.

bad_movies_on_netflix_adore Movieclips Coming Soon/Trailer

23) The Ridiculous 6

Adam Sandler’s first feature as part of his four-picture Netflix deal is a train robbery disguised as a movie. The comedian has admitted that he views his movies as paid vacations, and with The Ridiculous 6, Sandler has gotten Netflix to bankroll the world’s most expensive party in which all of his friends are invited. The Frank Coraci-directed film is a loose spoof of The Magnificent Seven with the barest pretense to plot, logic, and common sense, and it’s incredible to consider that it took two people (Sandler and Tim Herlihy) to write a screenplay that appears to be so utterly nonexistent. If you like incessant fart jokes, Native American stereotypes, and the sight of Taylor Lautner wearing buckteeth, go for it. Otherwise, run for the hills. —N.L.

 24) Meet the Blacks

A parody of the Purge films which finds a family from Chicago fighting off attackers in Beverly Hills, Meet the Blacks is a racially-motivated satire that forgets to be funny, or clever, or even competent, for that matter. This Scary Movie retread strives to be edgy and current, and instead comes off as lazy and offensive. Consider meeting a better movie instead.  C.O.

meet_the_blacks_worst_movies_netflix Movieclips Trailers/YouTube

25) The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie is the spiritual opposite of The Lego Movie. It is a cynical cash grab, a commercial designed to sell phones and apps to children whose attention spans have already been damaged by technology. At a whopping hour and 26 minutes, the studio barely fits a story into what has to be the laziest animated movie in recent history. And if that wasn’t enough to dissuade you, it also stars T.J. Miller. C.O.

worst movie on netflix - emoji movie YouTube/MovieClips Trailers

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