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Mark your calendar.

Netflix is unloading a massive amount of content in 2018—at least 80 movies and even more series and documentaries. It’s a lot to take in—and even harder to plan for, since Netflix release dates usually only appear about a month in advance. (You can check out our regularly updated guide to what’s new on Netflix here.) But there’s plenty to look forward to.

Here’s a running list of the original movies, series, anime, standup specials, and documentaries debuting this year.

Netflix release dates: June 2018

June 22

Marvel’s Luke Cage season 2

Luke Cage takes on a new villain in season 2.

Brain on Fire (movie)

A 24-year-old woman faces down a mysterious illness.

Cooking on High (series)

Like Chopped, but with weed.

Us and Them (movie)

Two people who met on a train 10 years ago reunite.

June 24

To Each, Her Own (movie)

Simone tries to come out to her family while falling in love with a man.

June 26

W. Kamau Bell: Private School Negro (standup)

The comedian and TV hosts surveys parenthood, race, and Trump.

Secret City (series)

An Australian journalist must make tough decisions in the midst of a scandal.

June 29

TAU (movie)

A woman (Maika Monroe) trapped in a smart home must figure out the program that controls it.

Recovery Boys (documentary)

A look at America’s opioid epidemic through the eyes of four men.

Nailed It! season 2 (series)

Bakers get another chance at redemption.

Kiss Me First (series)

A virtual reality game leads a woman into a mysterious new world.

Paquita Salas season 2 (series)

A talent agent must adapt to the times.

GLOW season 2 (series)

The gorgeous ladies of wrestling return to put on a show.

July 2018

July 3

The Comedy Lineup (standup)

Eight comedians get their 15 minutes.

July 6

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter (movie)

Jody Hill (Eastbound & Down) reunites with Danny McBride for a story about father-son bonding in the wild.

Sacred Games (series)

A Bombay police officer tries to bring down a criminal overlord.

Anne with an E season 2 (series)

New faces show up in Green Gables.

Somebody Feed Phil: The Second Course (series)

Phil Rosenthal returns to eat some more.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (series)

Jerry Seinfeld has all new guests, including Dave Chappelle and Kate McKinnon.

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July 10

Drug Lords season 2 (series)

Another look at the world’s most infamous kingpins.

July 13

Sugar Rush (series)

Netflix adds another baking competition series to the roster.

Jim Jefferies: This Is Me Now (standup)

The comedian follows up Freedumb with a new hour special.

July 20

Amazing Interiors (series)

Look inside some of the world’s most unique homes.

Graduates (movie)

Two friends get into a beef about whose dad would win in a fight.

Father of the Year (movie)

Netflix keeps adding more dad content.

Last Chance U (series)

The latest season looks at Indy.

July 24

Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Milennial (standup)

Shlesinger’s latest special surveys womanhood and the early aughts.

July 27

Orange Is the New Black season 6 (series)

The new season says goodbye to Litchfield.

Extinction (movie)

Michael Peña and Lizzy Caplan star in this sci-fi thriller.

The Bleeding Edge (documentary)

This documentary turns its lens on the lucrative medical device industry.

Netflix release dates: August 2018

August 3

Like Father (movie)

Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer are an estranged daughter and father who end up on a cruise together.

August 10

The Package (movie)

Four teens on spring break race to save a friend’s prized possession.

All About the Washingtons (series)

Run DMC’s Rev Run is back with a scripted comedy series.

The House of Flowers (series)

The De La Mora family has its secrets.

August 17

Disenchantment (series)

Matt Groening’s new animated series is about a drunk princess (Abbi Jacobson) in Dreamland.

netflix release dates 2018 Netflix

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (movie)

A young woman discovers that all of her crushes have mysteriously received her secret love letters.

August 24

The Innocents (series)

A teenage girl discovers she has a superpower, and she’s not alone.

netflix release calendar - the innocents Netflix

Netflix release dates: September 2018

September 21

The Good Cop (series)

Finally, Josh Groban and Tony Danza are in a comedy series together.

Netflix release dates: Later in 2018

American Vandal season 2

Dogs of Berlin (series)

Eggplant Emoji (movie)

Green Eggs and Ham (series)

Hilda (kids)

House of Cards season 6 (series)

How It Ends (movie)

Maniac (series)

Mindhunter season 2

netflix release dates - Narcos season 4 cast Netflix


Narcos season 4

O Mecanismo (series)

Osmosis (series)

Private Life (movie)

Robozuna (kids)

Samantha! (series)

Spy Kids: Mission Critical (kids)

The Hollow (kids)

The Other Side of the Wind (movie)

The Umbrella Academy (series)

Treehouse Detectives (kids)

Netflix release dates: Recommended new releases 

Netflix original movies


In Cargo, the zombie apocalypse is intimate, compelling and showcases the best and worst of humanity in the Australian Outback. And for one father (Martin Freeman), the stakes have never been higher as he only has only 48 hours to find someone to take care of his young daughter before he turns into one of the undead. —Michelle Jaworksi

Catching Feelings

South African film Catching Feelings follows the young academic Max and his wife, Sam, as their relationship is tested by a combination of money problems, infidelity, and an older white writer who moves into their home in Johannesburg. It may feel like an Owen Wilson comedy, but the layered film explores racial tension and gentrification in South Africa. Kagiso Ledigo’s ambitious turn as star and director pays off despite its slow pacing. —Tess Cagle

netflix release dates - catching feelings Netflix Manhunt

John Woo gets back to basics with the melodramatic and ridiculously entertaining Manhunt. After waking up in bed next to a dead woman, Du Qiu finds himself accused of her murder. To prove his innocence he must go on the run while he looks for evidence. On his trail is detective Yamura. The two men find himself in a shootout after shootout and chase after chase. If you’ve ever enjoyed one of Woo’s action movies, you’ll get a kick out of Manhunt.Eddie Strait

netflix release dates - manhunt Netflix/YouTube

Netflix original series


A French co-production between Netflix and Canal+, Safe has just arrived on streaming in America while France will air it on channel C8. The series is not set in France or America, though, instead taking place within a gated community in England. It’s there that Michael C. Hall’s Tom Delaney, a surgeon with two daughters, is trying to put his life back together after the death of his wife. As you probably could have guessed, not all of Tom’s neighbors are who they appear to be, and everyone within the community’s secured fences has secrets—including Tom. Things take another turn when Tom’s daughter, Jenny (Amy James-Kelly), goes missing one night after a party. —Chris Osterndorf

netflix release dates new series - safe Ben Blackall/Netflix

Netflix original documentaries

End Game

In just 40 minutes, End Game makes a big impact. Filmmakers Jeffrey Friedman and Rob Epstein bring viewers face to face with terminally ill people receiving palliative care as they prepare to die. Grappling with one’s own mortality is obviously heavy subject matter, and the film embraces that in order to show you what the process has on the patients, the family members, and the doctors themselves. End Game is a tough watch, but it does offer perspective and is worth your time. —Eddie Strait

netflix release dates - end game Netflix/YouTube

Netflix original docuseries

Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist

In August 2003, pizza delivery driver Brian Wells robbed a bank in Erie, Pennsylvania, with a bomb strapped to his neck. He didn’t get far: Wells died after the bomb exploded, his agonizing last minutes caught on police dash cams. The mind-boggling crime, also known as the collar bomb heist and the pizza bomber, is the starting point for Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist. Before we’re taken through the truly bizarre events of that day, we’re introduced to Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, a longtime Erie resident who, we’re told, had a difficult childhood and later developed mental illness. Any further analysis will have to wait, though. The four-part series, produced by the Duplass brothers and directed by Barbara Schroeder, devotes its first episode to Wells, who was supposed to be sent on a macabre scavenger hunt after robbing the bank. A stoic coroner explains that they had to decapitate Wells (in a “caring way”) in order to get the clunky bomb off, something his family was not happy about. He’s painted as a quiet man who happened to get involved with some bad elements, but over four episodes that focus gets softer. —Audra Schroeder

netflix release date - evil genius Netflix


Vox Entertainment’s Netflix collaboration, Explained, is a no-brainer. With documentaries thriving in the streaming age, editor-at-large and Vox co-founder Ezra Klein finds himself in an ideal position—with a built-in, receptive audience—to present bite-sized documentaries. They’re fun and compelling arguments for anyone to consider, and they cover everything from dead-serious politics to Korean pop music. The series’ greatest strength is that even in a short amount of time, it’s invested in illuminating how events of the past shape modern times, and it delivers in every episode.

explained review vox Netflix

Netflix standup specials

John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City

Live from Radio City, John Mulaney delivers his fourth special. Mulaney has proven himself to be reliably and consistently funny, and Kid Gorgeous feels of a piece with prior specials The Comeback Kid and New in Town. Mulaney riffs on the silliness of school assemblies, college, and recalls his time as a writer for Saturday Night Live. After being a darling of comedy nerds for nearly a decade, Mulaney is proving that the hype is justified. —Eddie Strait

Netflix release dates : John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City Netflix

Ali Wong, Hard Knock Wife

Hard Knock Wife is a lot of things: an exploration of fame; an indictment of American healthcare and its lack of maternity leave; an illustration of the body horror of motherhood. But this is Ali Wong’s take, so she’ll tell you up front that sometimes, when you’re breastfeeding, a duct will become clogged, resulting in “a kidney stone in your titty.” It’s a line that might make you involuntarily grab your own, and a good portion of Hard Knock Wife explores the intricacies and indignities of motherhood. She unravels the fantasy versus the reality; being a stay-at-home mom is not ideal when you’re in “solitary confinement” with a “human Tamagotchi.” She likens joining a new moms’ group to linking up for survival in The Walking Dead. Breastfeeding is “chronic, physical torture,” and her daughter is the bear in The Revenant. She deftly plays the two sides of being told she’ll need diapers after giving birth—for herself. Wong isn’t ragging on motherhood for laughs; these are things she and so many other women learned on their own, through trial and error, and Wong subtly plays up the loneliness, confusion, and despair of being a new mom. —Audra Schroeder

netflix new releases - hard knock wife Ken Woroner/Netflix

Hari Kondabolu, Warn Your Relatives

Comedian Hari Kondabolu will tell you up front that his comedy “isn’t for everyone.” In his debut Netflix special, it’s not so much a warning as a challenge, as he invites the audience to hear him out about race, representation, and how South Asian people love mangoes. Though some of his bits and stories meander or don’t offer much payoff, one story about being heckled by Tracy Morgan offers some insight about his own comedy. —Audra Schroeder

netflix release dates - hari kondabolu Netflix

Tig Notaro, Happy to Be Here

The title of Tig Notaro’s first Netflix special could have a few different meanings, but that’s probably by design. Notaro’s comedy has always leaned on wordplay and language; Happy to Be Here could be referencing the traditional standup greeting or it could be applied more broadly to existence. Filmed in Houston, Texas, and executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres, Happy to Be Here is Notaro’s first standup special since 2015’s special Boyish Girl Interrupted. She again plays with words and meaning, admitting early in the set that she’s mistaken for a man once a week, but she now has an equalizing retort. A bit about talking to her cat goes on a thrilling linguistic journey and abruptly turns a corner when her wife, fellow comedian and actor Stephanie Allynne, warns her not to accidentally hang the cat while playing with it. These situations might seem unremarkable, but Notaro finds the glimmer of absurdity within each. —Audra Schroeder

netflix release dates - tig notaro Netflix

Netflix original anime


This new original Netflix anime follows the life of Retsuko, a young professional red panda trying to make it in the big city. She’s “single, a Scorpio, blood type A” with a demeaning office job and two obnoxious supervisors, but she also has a secret: She has a death metal karaoke persona—an aggressive Retsuko, if you will—Aggretsuko. In other words, angry is the new cute. —Christine Friar

netflix release dates anime - aggretsuko Sanrio/YouTube

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