AI server bot spilling drinks (l) man at table laughing (c) AI server bot with spilled drinks (r)

@lovecatlaur/TikTok Remix by Caterina Cox

‘This cannot be the same AI that’s supposed to take over the world’: Viewers defend robot server that spills customers’ drinks

‘Why do ppl have a more empathetic response to a robot making a mistake than I’ve ever experienced as a food service worker.’


Braden Bjella


Artificial intelligence is about to change how to do everything—at least, that’s what a lot of the conversations about AI in media would have you believe.

In reality, the actual implementation of AI into everyday life has faced significant hurdles. One customer ordering using one of McDonald’s AI-powered drive-thru locations went viral after the machination somehow added bacon to his soft serve order. Earlier this year, a TikTok user went viral after asking an AI tool to replace an orange slice with a lime slice in an image; the tool proceeded to fail every single attempt.

Now, another user has sparked discussion after showing an unsatisfactory interaction with a robot server.

In a video with over 278,000 views, TikTok user Laur (@lovecatlaur) shows a robot server turning a corner while carrying several drinks. As it spins, it knocks over each drink it is carrying.

@lovecatlaur this cannot be the same AI thats supposed to take over the world 😭 💀 #fyp #robotserver ♬ original sound – Laur

“This cannot be the same AI thats supposed to take over the world,” Laur wrote in the caption.

In a follow-up video, Laur reveals that, while the robot emitted a happy jingle when it successfully completed an order at other tables, the robot simply “silently backed away” after failing to deliver their’s.

@lovecatlaur Replying to @beccah babroski ♬ original sound – Laur

In the comments section, users showed a remarkable amount of empathy for the robot.

“I bet he was so embarrassed,” wrote a user.

“Why do I feel bad for it,” asked another.

“Be nice it’s his first day!!” exclaimed a third.

Soon, jokes began emerging about a potential AI takeover.

“You laugh now, but that robot will remember this moment when civil war begins,” stated a commenter.

“What if the AI that ends up destroying humanity is just really clumsy and does it accidentally?” questioned a second.

Robot servers are nothing new. Denny’s rolled out a host of robot servers with mixed results, and other robot servers have been caught spilling drinks in a similar manner to Laur’s video. 

But back on Laur’s video, defense for the robo-server continued.

“I’ve spilled an entire cup of ice water one a newborn baby,” admitted a commenter. “He’s doing better than me.”

Some even argued that people offer more sympathy to the robot employee than to traditional human service workers.

“Why do ppl have a more empathetic response to a robot making a mistake than I’ve ever experienced in my entire career as a food service worker,” one viewer questioned.

The Daily Dot reached out to Laur via TikTok comment.

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