Jack Henry Robbins nepo baby

Jack Henry Robbins is doing the ‘nepo baby’ thing oh-so-right

The son of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon has maybe the best TikTok.

On Jun 18, 2024 by Mike Hadge

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‘I am so sorry’: Sabrina Carpenter responds to an angry mom on TikTok over her ‘Please Please Please’ lyrics

The ‘Please Please Please’ singer gets hands on to atone for her potty mouth.

On Jun 17, 2024 by Mike Hadge

eddie redmayne meme cabaret

‘My new sleep paralysis demon’: Eddie Redmayne’s Tony Awards performance is an instant meme

The ‘Cabaret’ star brought some exquisitely weird energy to Sunday night’s show.

On Jun 17, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Mark Hamill is on a crusade to bring back likes on Twitter

‘I want people to know it was me’: Mark Hamill is on a crusade to bring back public likes on X

The platform recently eliminated its ability to see who enjoyed your post.

On Jun 14, 2024 by Mike Hadge

tiffany haddish song woman up

Tiffany Haddish releases new song ‘Woman Up,’ and the internet reacts

‘Woman Up,’ written by Diane Warren, dropped last week.

On Jun 13, 2024 by Mike Hadge

The Best 'Can You Watch My Boss For A Second?' TikTok pranks

‘Can you watch my boss for a second?’: The best examples of the latest TikTok prank

TikTok users are making their famous bosses very uncomfortable.

On Jun 10, 2024 by Mike Hadge

hot rodent boyfriend - Timothee Chalamet(l), Jeremy Allen White(c), Matt Healy(r)

PSA: It’s hot rodent boyfriend summer y’all

“If you liked short king spring you’ll love hot rodent summer”

On Jun 6, 2024 by Rachel Kiley

Taylor Swift and Lady gaga over graphic background

‘Can we all agree that it’s invasive and irresponsible?’: Taylor Swift comes to Lady Gaga’s defense after she was body-shamed on TikTok

The only thing to do now is to collaborate. Please.

On Jun 5, 2024 by Ryan Schocket

Lily from modern family in t-shirt(l+r), Lily with her date in her prom dress(c)

Lily from ‘Modern Family’ just went to her prom so you’re old now, sorry

“Mitch and Cam would love.”

On Jun 4, 2024 by Mike Hadge

J cole with phone (l+r), Tesla cybertruck(c)

‘The manager kept ignoring him’: Woman says J. Cole was trying to shop for a Tesla—and the worker didn’t know who he was

‘He gonna rap about this experience.’

On Jun 4, 2024 by Alexandra Samuels

john krasinski running interview tiktok cringe

‘Protect this man at all costs’: TikToker’s interview schtick accidentally insults John Krasinski

Influencer Katie Mackz’s episode of The Running Interviewer was a nonstarter for the ‘IF’ director.

On May 31, 2024 by Mike Hadge

baz lurhmann tiktok street interview

‘I had no idea’: TikToker accidentally interviews Baz Luhrmann on the street

The ‘Elvis’ director shared his thoughts on relationships, though!

On May 30, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Idris Elba talking(l+r), Idris's daughter posing in front of billboard of her dad(c)

Idris and Isan Elba are TikTok’s favorite famous father-daughter combo

The ‘Luther’ superstar and his daughter are #offspringgoals.

On May 29, 2024 by Mike Hadge

Tom Hanks didn't wear a 'Vote for Joe, not the psycho' shirt

No, Tom Hanks didn’t wear a ‘Vote for Joe, not the psycho’ shirt

While the image in question was clearly of poor quality, it still appeared to fool many online.

On May 28, 2024 by Mikael Thalen

harry potter baking show

Food Network announces Harry Potter-themed baking show hosted by the Weasley twins

‘Wizards of Baking’ premieres this holiday season.

On May 24, 2024 by Mike Hadge

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