Epstein victim wants X to hand over data in defamation case - X says no

X accused of withholding critical data in Epstein defamation suit

X argued that producing deleted data would burdensome.

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Drew Afualo spent the weekend destroying her haters on X

‘Only one of us is mad’: Drew Afualo spent the weekend destroying her haters on X

The influencer has no time to suffer fools on social media.

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Tweet blaming late-night hosts for Trump shooting gets dunked on online

‘Do you think they feel responsible?’: A user on X blames late-night hosts for Trump shooting attempt, gets absolutely dunked on

Dude says dumb thing, is made to feel dumb.

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Mike Wazowski memes

Meme History: Mike Wazowski memes

Mike Wazowski is one of our most expressive animated characters, so it’s no wonder he makes for great meme fodder.

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lucas gage

Antisemites on X demand Musk reinstate former Marine suspended for burning Talmud

Musk is being accused of hypocrisy.

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mr beast for president

‘He would make a great leader’: MrBeast muses about running for president on X, the internet reacts

The YouTuber laments the office’s age requirements.

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manny jacinto the acolute good place

The internet unites in thirst over Manny Jacinto in ‘The Acolyte,’ and his former co-star D’Arcy Carden understands why

The ‘Good Place’ co-star was well ahead of the curve on the ‘Acolyte’ standout.

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Caught cheating on baby monitor (two split)

‘Who else zoomed in’: Man caught cheating by wife on the baby monitor

‘I wouldn’t even have to read it.’

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Homepage article image

Everyone wanted to die after watching that debate

It was bad.

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Elon Musk(l), Visegrad24 logo(r)

‘Will be restored soon’: Elon Musk keeps reinstating accounts that shared child exploitation content

It’s now happened twice.

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empire state building vs chicago bean

‘Clap if you care’: The Empire State Building mocks the Chicago Bean’s reopening online

A look at the online conflict between the two major city icons.

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how to have a brat summer

This year, it’s all about having a ‘Brat’ Summer—this is how it’s done

Move aside, hot girls and Barbie girls. It’s a Brat summer.

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imagine telling them to use a qr code

There’s a specific type of person who would not be okay using QR codes—at least according to the internet 

A new meme has developed out of our modern menu trends.

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man holding phone with tweets in background

Young people are sharing their ‘boomer complaints’ online, and you’d be surprised how many you agree with

May you live long enough to “okay boomer” yourself one day.

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Posters are claiming they were targeted by the woke mob to try to trick X into giving them their accounts back

Suspended X users have found a cheat code that tricks Musk into restoring their accounts

Musk really wants to fight the ‘woke mind virus.’

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