Woman goes to dentist to get a cavity filled. She leaves in an ambulance

‘Existing dental fear increased’: Woman goes to dentist to get a cavity filled. She leaves in an ambulance

‘I beg your finest pardon?’

On Jun 14, 2024 by Jack Alban

water bottles (l&r) young woman on sidewalk (c)

‘I have no idea where everyone got the idea they need to drink SO much water’: Doctor tells woman she’s drinking too much water

‘Wait, how much water are we supposed to be drinking then?’

On Jun 14, 2024 by Braden Bjella

fast food (l) Man in scrubs with caption '4 foods I avoid as a heart surgeon' (c) soda cans (r)

‘You just described everything I eat and drink’: Cardiac surgeon shares the 4 foods he avoids eating

‘Don’t drink ‘em.’

On Jun 14, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

Hands holding phone with doctor talking and tiktok inspired background

5 pieces of medical advice from TikTok doctors that have gone mega-viral

‘Ok that explains a LOT!’

On Jun 13, 2024 by Ljeonida Mulabazi

Steak(l), Dietitian(c), Impossible burgers(r)

‘Not me watching this while eating a hot dog’: Cancer dietitian shares which grocery store meats are safe to eat

‘This is a safe choice.’

On Jun 13, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

Woman talking(l+r), Scale with measuring tape(c)

‘Most women would not like to see that number’: Woman says doctor fat-shamed her. She’s a fitness coach

‘Wow that needs to be reported.’

On Jun 12, 2024 by Stacy Fernandez

Man talking(l+r), Man during check up(c)

‘I learned the hard way’: Man issues warning after he was told he was perfectly healthy during annual checkup, gets cancer diagnosis 1 week later

‘This is such an important thing for people to understand!’

On Jun 12, 2024 by Amara Thomas

Keto avocados and eggs(l), Woman talking(c), Supplements(r)

‘I would never go keto’: Cancer dietitian shares the 10 things she would never do or eat

‘This is gonna be your pepperoni, your sausage, your deli meat, your bacon, your pre-cooked meats.’

On Jun 12, 2024 by Vladimir Supica

hand holding box with caption 'Dollar Tree Test Booster?' (l) Man in front of Dollar Tree with caption 'Pharmacist reviews Dollar Tree medications' (c) hand holding back of box of 'testosterone booster' ingredients (r)

‘You should never buy this’: Pharmacist shares which medications you should not buy at the Dollar Tree

On Jun 11, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

Expert says you should have 1 kiwi daily to prevent DNA damage

‘I eat it with the skin on’: Expert says you should have 1 kiwi daily to prevent DNA damage. Is that true?

‘As an added bonus, kiwi have been shown to be a great source of fiber.’

On Jun 10, 2024 by Phil West

man holding mic in front of 'schweppes tonic water' and 'fever-tree tonic water' (l) man pointing at eye with caption 'It's just an eye twitch. You probably had too much caffeine' (c) man with mic in front of Thealoz Duo package (r)

‘Mine stopped when I quit my job’: Doctor shares reasons why your eye may twitch—and how to prevent it from happening

‘One person at my job left and it stopped.’

On Jun 7, 2024 by Vladimir Supica

Kona Grill customer blasts restaurant after no one in her family gets food despite reservation

‘My father-in-law has diabetes’: Kona Grill customer says no one in her family got food despite reservation

‘It’s happening everywhere!’

On Jun 6, 2024 by Brooke Sjoberg

Man talking(l+r), Suitcases(c)

‘Leave suitcase in bathroom if there is room’: Doctor warns against using this 1 thing in hotel rooms

‘Keep your suitcase in the bathtub.’

On Jun 5, 2024 by Melody Heald

hand taking meat from charcuterie board (l) man with hand on chest and captions '5 things I would avoid as a cancer doctor' and 'here's five things I would never do as a cancer doctor' (c) glass of whiskey with ice (r)

‘Whew. He didn’t say avoid Diet Coke’: Cancer doctor shares the 5 things he ‘would never do’

‘Even one glass of red wine at dinner is carcinogenic.’

On Jun 5, 2024 by Melody Heald

Woman talking(l+r), Hands giving and getting manicure(c)

‘I swear we can’t have NOTHINGGGGG’: Woman issues warning on gel manicures—especially for people with darker skin

‘It’s always something.’

On Jun 3, 2024 by Tiffanie Drayton

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