A celebration of classic makers and crafters
Inspiration is nothing but a great idea without the sweat and toil of those few daring makers and crafters determined to bring that vision to life.
Guide to becoming Instagram famous
We are all guilty of liking our own photos.
JuggaloCoin turns virtual currencies into a circus act
Yes, it's real—and it's insane.
The Internet is killing most languages
But some will still survive in the "meat space."
People now literally getting high off Bitcoin
Some Bitcoin users have found a new way to go to the moon.
Former NFL star counters every argument against gay players
"If any NFL team can't 'handle the media coverage' of drafting Sam, then your team is already a loser on the field."
Cleverest video of 2013 puts translators in a whole new light
You'll want to wait for the twist.
Twitter Inc. finally comments on Weird Twitter
The company—somewhat uneasily—acknowledges the thriving subculture.
Internet-addicted soldiers have no use for Playboy anymore
Hugh Hefner may have just lost his last, best customer: The U.S. military.
Repair Her Armor gives female warriors an outfit overhaul
Tumblr user Tica has created a blog dedicated to fixing the skimpy armor of warrior women in pop culture.
How 12 men morphed identities and still voted and bought guns
Three years ago, 12 members of an art collective lived under each other's identities. 
Can YouTube roleplay transform Austen’s unfinished novel?
If Austen were online in 2013, she'd be picking up her camera and joining them.
Jenny Clements plays with fire on deviantART
Her popular series stars Moff the moth, Flickerlee the flame, and their forbidden attraction.
The 10 most popular search terms on Giphy
Being a GIF creator stinks if you want to be recognized—and rewarded—for your work. Giphy means to change all that.
Can Kickstarter save manga publishing?
Manga legend Osamu Tezuka's Crater will come to the States for the first time thanks in large part to crowdfunding efforts.
Biggr may not be bettr for Flickr usrs
At Yahoo's triumphant press conference yesterday in New York, it tried admirably to take the spotlight off its latest acquisition, Tumblr, and shine it on Flickr.
3-D printing could be the future of the Smithsonian
The Smithsonian is 3-D scanning items from its collection, making it possible to 3-D print copies of historical artifacts.
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