From the existential dread of Barbenheimer to “I’m the eldest boy” in Succession, we cover all things TV and streaming for your next show binge.


TikTokers are recreating the dramatic ’90s sitcom moments that had a hold on us

’90s sitcoms did the most.

On by Angela Andaloro

emmy nominees 2024

‘The Bear is not a comedy’: The 2024 Emmy nominations have dropped, and the internet has reactions

It was the ‘Bear’ and ‘Shogun’ show at the Emmy nominations ceremony.

On by Mike Hadge

Tweet blaming late-night hosts for Trump shooting gets dunked on online

‘Do you think they feel responsible?’: A user on X blames late-night hosts for Trump shooting attempt, gets absolutely dunked on

Dude says dumb thing, is made to feel dumb.

On by Mike Hadge

Obama greeting Team USA is being compared to 'Key and Peele' sketch

Barack Obama greeting Team USA Olympians compared to ‘Key and Peele’ handshake sketch

The former president just basically did a comedy bit IRL.

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john mulaney nick kroll succession who wants to be a millionaire

‘Bad writing’: John Mulaney and Nick Kroll botch ‘Succession’ question on celebrity ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’

Social media flips out as the comedy duo stumbles at their $125,000 question.

On by Mike Hadge

Cypress Hill(l), London Symphony(r), both from an episode of the Simpsons

Cypress Hill recreates ‘Simpsons’ joke, performs with London Symphony Orchestra

A 28-year old episode of the long-running series has entered our reality.

On by Mike Hadge

Spooky tombstone with Cartoon Network logo

#RIPCartoonNetwork trends on X as users pay tribute to the beloved animation studio

Social media mourns as the animation industry fights for its life.

On by Mike Hadge

fake news outlets in tv shows

Ranking the 10 best faux news outlets in TV shows

From Mode magazine to the West Beverly High School Blaze, these faux outlets shared news and workplace hilarity.

On by Angela Andaloro

manny jacinto the acolute good place

The internet unites in thirst over Manny Jacinto in ‘The Acolyte,’ and his former co-star D’Arcy Carden understands why

The ‘Good Place’ co-star was well ahead of the curve on the ‘Acolyte’ standout.

On by Mike Hadge

mixed weight relationship

Why the internet is dunking on a Forbes opinion piece about ‘mixed-weight relationships’ and ‘Bridgerton’

The piece comments on the negative body-focused reaction to the Netflix hit.

On by Mike Hadge

joseph quinn wake up haley kalil

TikToker Haley Kalil asks Joseph Quinn about ‘Chrissy Wake Up’ on the red carpet, collective internet cringes

The digital personality brought up the viral song based on the ‘Strangers Things’ scene.

On by Mike Hadge

Pepe Silvia meme

Meme History: Pepe Silvia 

Pepe Silvia the meme tempers the insanity of any given conspiracy with its own hilarity.

On by Kyle Calise

mtv news archives wiped comedy central paramount

‘No reasonable explanation’: The internet mourns the death of MTV News, Comedy Central archives

Endless work by countless people has been deleted due to streamer consolidation, incompetence.

On by Mike Hadge

imagine telling them to use a qr code

There’s a specific type of person who would not be okay using QR codes—at least according to the internet 

A new meme has developed out of our modern menu trends.

On by Mike Hadge

butters hello kitty island adventure south park

The ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventure’ joke from ‘South Park’ is now a real video game

The reason Butters is always on the computer has become a reality.

On by Mike Hadge

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