McDonald’s customer orders M&M's McFlurry

‘At least they gave you m&m’s’: McDonald’s customer orders M&M’s McFlurry. She can’t believe how it came

‘Did the same thing with my oreo mcflurry.’

On by Jack Alban

Man talking(l+r), Finger pointing to bill(c)

‘This is why you take pictures of your food’: Customer catches restaurant trying to add $27 to his bill

‘How you mentioned the last part now has me suspicious.’

On by Braden Bjella

Man giving thumbs up and winking(l), McDonald's arches(c), Man in construction vest(r)

‘It takes less than 30 seconds to make a cone’: McDonald’s customer gets tired of waiting for his ice cream—so he hops behind the counter

‘For fast food, it ain’t fast.’

On by Amelie Allen

Man talking(l+r), Finger pointing to engine(c)

‘Being cheap will always cost you more in the end’: Customer brings own part to mechanic, asks him to install it. There’s just one problem

‘You just asked me to install the part.’

On by Stacy Fernandez

Sonic Worker(l+R), Sonic sign(c)

‘Please don’t try to pull off bro’: Sonic worker gets revenge on customers who try to do the ‘pull off’ method

‘When I used to work at McDonald’s I actually loved it.’

On by Braden Bjella

Woman talking(l+r), Dollar Tree store(c)

‘You guys are mentally ill’: Woman says Dollar Tree worker called her ‘sick in the head’ after she told her she’s getting married

‘I would be filing a complaint.’

On by Rachel Kiley

Costco shopper returns playground set from 2008 because his ‘kids grew up’.

‘This man essentially borrowed $1,400’: Costco shopper returns playground set from 2008 because his ‘kids grew up.’ He got a full refund

‘I watched a family return an above ground pool. Because they didn’t need it during the winter.’

On by Braden Bjella

Checkers customer slams automated order system for giving her 'attitude'

‘They tried to make it as realistic as possible’: Checkers customer slams automated order system for giving her ‘attitude’

‘Is she rushing me? The automated system?’

On by Amelie Allen

Woman warns using Avis or Budget rental cars when she books 8 months in advance of her trip

‘Try Turo’: Woman warns using Avis or Budget rental cars when she books 8 months in advance of her trip. It backfires

‘Stranded at the airport at 9 p.m. in a city we have never been to!!!’

On by Stacy Fernandez

Homepage article image

‘I would be petrified’: Woman says American Airlines left her 15-year-old brother stranded in airport for almost 24 hours. They gave him a $12 snack voucher

‘This is an absolute joke.’

On by Rachel Kiley

Wendy's sign(l), Woman talking(c), Bag of chicken nuggets with text 'This is literally so petty. I was recording because I was excited to see the crayon toy thing from Wendy's. But I am so tired of prices going up so much and consistently receiving bad service. They should've told us they didn't have the toys when we ordered it. Not charged us more for no toy I'm sorry (shrugging emoji x3) We ordered a jr. bacon cheeseburger by itself and a 4 piece nugget kids meal. That is a $5 biggie bag.'

‘This is basically a Biggie Bag’: Customer slams Wendy’s for charging them more for kids’ meal without Crayola toy

‘i work at wendy’s and we’re always out of something but not telling you is crazy.’

On by Brooke Sjoberg

Woman talking(l+r), Chick-fil-a app on phone(c)

‘Always order with the app so I don’t hear their judgment’: Chick-fil-A customer tries to upgrade her combo. She can’t believe the worker’s response

‘What kind of question is that?’

On by Stacy Fernandez

Customer says Chipotle worker bodyshamed her at the drive-thru

‘Mean girl energy!!!’: Customer says Chipotle worker body-shamed her at the drive-thru

‘I usually tell ppl to not comment on my body but I totally didn’t expect this!’

On by Rachel Cohen

Man talking(l+r), Damaged package(c)

‘I tell all my customers’: Delivery driver shares why damaged boxes are sometimes a good thing

‘It’s easier that way.’

On by Jack Alban

Woman talking(l+r), Delta App on phone(c)

‘This happens way more often than people realize’: Woman says Delta couldn’t find her ticket number, forced her to buy a new one

‘When I have flight issues, it’s always Delta. So you aren’t alone.’

On by Brooke Sjoberg

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