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‘I’m gonna need y’all to stop posting Chipotle hacks on TikTok’: Customer criticizes viral ‘hacks’ after Chipotle charged her for ‘every single side’

‘TikTok has officially changed the game…because these restaurants are not playing.’


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Finding ways to get the most out of money spent at fast food and fast-casual casual restaurants is nowhere near remotely new to the internet. Platforms like TikTok have fast-tracked awareness of these “hacks,” particularly at restaurants like Chipotle, where customers often share their favorite ways of saving money and trying to get more food for less.

In her video which has drawn over 28,000 views as of Saturday, Marwa (@marwasammi) jokes that she needs fellow TikTok users to stop sharing their Chipotle hacks on the platform, as the company and its employees become aware of them quickly.


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“I’m going to need you all to stop posting Chipotle hacks on TikTok because they just charged me for every single side,” she says in the video. “My hack has always been to get one kids meal for my kids and then just get an extra set of tortillas so they end up each with two tacos. Then I just do a side of corn and sour cream. It was one kids’ meal but was enough for two kids or even an adult.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Marwa and to Chipotle directly via email regarding the video.

One viewer shared that she was planning on purchasing two separate meals for her children the next time she goes to Chipotle, but will utilize the method shown in the video soon.

“I was about to get my kids a kids meal each,” the commenter wrote. “They are 6 and 4 but I will be trying it ur way lmao they never finish their food.”

Another commenter expressed frustration with the popularity of restaurant hacks on the platform.

“TikTok has officially changed the game when it comes to sides because these restaurants are not playing,” the commenter wrote.

In the past, TikTokers have garnered millions of views sharing ways to get cheaper meals, stretch their meals further, or a quick, cheap snack. However, with the popularity of TikTok, the spread of viral hacks can be used against customers once restaurants become aware, as one user found out when she tried to purchase a $5 children’s meal utilizing a hack she’d seen on social media and ended up being charged $17 for additional items.

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