Taco Bell worker shows chicken quesadilla hack for $3 off 2

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“Say ‘make it just like a regular quesadilla’”: Taco Bell worker shows chicken quesadilla hack for $3 off 2

‘Those quesadillas be too expensive man.’


Vladimir Supica


A recent TikTok video showcasing a money-saving hack at Taco Bell has gone viral on the video-sharing platform.

In the viral TikTok video, Quintell Coleman (@quintellcoleman176) begins by addressing his viewers: “What’s good y’all? Imma show y’all guys a life-saving money hack.” The video then transitions to the ordering monitor at Taco Bell, where the TikToker selects two Chicken Quesadillas, which initially show a total cost of $9.98.

@quintellcoleman176 Money saving hack at Taco bell #fypシ ♬ original sound – Save more spend less

Quintell then proceeds to explain the money-saving technique: “Order two sides of chicken, two sides of creamy jalapeno sauce, two sides of 3 cheese, two sides of flour tortillas.” By individually ordering the ingredients rather than the premade Chicken Quesadillas, the TikToker reveals that the total cost amounts to only $6.70. The savings amount is approximately $3 compared to the regular price.

In his concluding statement, he advises viewers, “And when you do that, make sure you say, ‘Make it just like a regular quesadilla,’ and you can save about 3 dollars.”

Since its posting on May 20, the TikTok video has gone viral, accumulating over 27,400 views. Additionally, it has sparked a discussion among users in the comments section of the video.

“My Taco Bell is on the south side of the city. I’m not trying to get cussed out and jumped by the people behind me in line waiting,” one commenter wrote.

“Where I live … they gone cuss me out. Ion got time,” a second commenter added.

“You must be at a Michelin star Tbell, mine won’t even griddle the crunchwraps,” a third wrote jokingly.
One more commenter complained about the prices, saying: “Those quesadillas be too expensive man.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Quintell Coleman via email for comment.

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