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jimmy fallon

kristen stewart word blurt Kristen Stewart could not look more uncomfortable playing Jimmy Fallon's game
She might have agreed to it, but she doesn't have to like it.
jimmy fallon Jimmy Fallon helps you decide whether to watch the GOP presidential debate
Thursday night's Republican debate is sure to be a wild ride.
Kevin Bacon and Jimmy Fallon reveal the real origins of a Beach Boys classic
It's probably going to make you hungry.
Ice T on Fallon Remember that time Ice T did the voice of Papa Smurf?
Ice T has no time for your broken finger, Fallon.
tom cruise lip sync Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon face off in a lip-sync battle—and 'Top Gun' makes a cameo
Tom Cruise didn't pull the 'Risky Business' card—but he totally could've.
Adam Levine in the voice chair 'The Voice' and 'The Tonight Show' are getting hands-on at this year's VidCon
'The Voice,' 'Heroes Reborn,' and 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' all head to Anaheim.
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