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Santa with Xbox logo for head Xbox Black Friday deals open to everyone tomorrow
Early access for Gold members gave us a peek at all the best deals.
Screenshot of Super Star Wars video game for SNES Sony re-releasing classic Super Star Wars SNES game for PS4 and PS Vita
The game was first released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
fallout Can Fallout 4's robot butler say your name?
Codsworth, the robot butler, supposedly knows 1,000 names. This video tests his limits.
Alexander Freed takes us into the trenches of his latest 'Star Wars' novel
Twilight Company is the first canon 'Star Wars' novel to delve deeply into the 'war' part of the saga's name.
copyright office Library of Congress issues new copyright rules legalizing car and TV hacking
The updates to a major copyright law only last for three years, at which point they may be renewed.