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Donald trump leering at meme of him vs Obama superimposed over jury illustration

‘Amazing ego destruction’: Trump forced to sit through review of prospective jurors anti-Trump memes

One juror tried to argue that retweets weren't endorsements.

On Apr 16, 2024 by Marlon Ettinger

Elon musk gesturing (two split)

‘Pulling Fornite emotes’: Elon Musk’s red carpet poses get memed

Others compared him to a Sim.

On Apr 16, 2024 by Mikael Thalen

Let Him Cook meme

Meme History: Let Him Cook

Not everything needs to be Shakespeare in order to be good writing, and sometimes one-syllable words are the best way to get the masses on board with a new idea.

On Apr 14, 2024 by Kyle Calise

lady gaga joker memes

The first trailer for the ‘Joker’ sequel is here, and Lady Gaga fans already have all the memes

'I hope Joker 2 is amazing and a bunch of incels involuntarily become huge Lady Gaga fans.'

On Apr 10, 2024 by Allie Hayes

Glycine TikTok explainer

How a Chinese company making industrial-grade food additives accidentally took over TikTok

'Waiter!! One industrial grade glycine please.'

On Apr 8, 2024 by Tricia Crimmins

The solar eclipse is secret dark brandon worship

‘Dark Brandon’s true form’: Biden fans troll right-wing conspiracy theorists freaking out about the eclipse

'They worship 'Dark Brandon,' a demonic figure who covers the eyes to his soul.'

On Apr 8, 2024 by Mikael Thalen

Its Gonna Be May meme

Meme History: It’s Gonna Be May

Every April, *NSYNC memes are all the fans ever wanted, all they ever needed, and they want them back.

On Apr 7, 2024 by Kyle Calise

Chance the Rapper and Kirsten Corley

‘Ooh I love my wife’: Old song resurfaces when Chance the Rapper splits from Kirsten Corley

'Maybe the wife we love was the friends we made from along the way.'

On Apr 4, 2024 by Eric Webb

mercury retrograde memes

‘Happy Mercury Retrograde in Aries’: Rounding up the best memes now that Mercury is officially retrograde

It's that time of year again.

On Apr 1, 2024 by Allie Hayes

beyonce jolene memes dolly parton

‘Beyoncé kinda gagged y’all’: Fans are reacting to Beyoncé’s new cover of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene,’ and the memes won’t stop

Yes, Dolly does have full writing credit on Beyonce's new cover.

On Apr 1, 2024 by Allie Hayes

Disaster girl meme

Meme History: Disaster Girl

A little aggressive but in a kind of cute way, it's a great way to faux-overreact to any perceived injustice.

On Mar 31, 2024 by Kyle Calise

expectation vs reality meme

Expectation vs. Reality: How ‘500 Days of Summer’ inspired a reaction meme that perfectly encapsulates disappointment

It's perfect for when you had your heart set on something, but get something much worse instead.

On Mar 29, 2024 by Allie Hayes

Doge WW2 Marines

World War 2 gave the world its very first meme

And people are still making jokes about it.

On Mar 25, 2024 by Marlon Ettinger

Is This A Pigeon?

Meme History: Is This A Pigeon? 

What began life as a moment from a late 20th-century children’s cartoon would a generation later be reborn as one of the internet’s most pervasive memes.

On Mar 24, 2024 by Kyle Calise

Political compass memes

How political compass memes help plot everything on the internet

Where do you land?

On Mar 22, 2024 by Tricia Crimmins