‘It’s over for you b*tches’ is the defining meme of our generation
Once I learn to start meal prepping and get 8 hours of sleep a night...
How the internet decided that every food is ravioli now
What is ravioli? Baby, don't hurt me. Don't hurt me no more.
‘Tillersoned’ is Twitter’s new favorite dating term
'I once #Tillersoned an ex by changing my Facebook status to "single."'
Camila Cabello looks like a hot snack in her new music video—literally
The internet turned the pop star into a spicy meme.
‘Hide the Pain Harold’ doesn’t want to be remembered as just a meme
András Arató is embracing his online life.
‘Ready Player One’ memes torch Spielberg’s latest blockbuster
It's clear that people already hate this movie.
‘Ready Player One’ posters are getting dragged on Twitter
These posters are here to kill your '80s nostalgia.
Here’s what Jennifer Garner was thinking during the Oscars
Turns out Chris Messina didn't rip a fart.
Evil Patrick is your favorite new SpongeBob meme
Evil Patrick represents your dark, petty side.
Meryl Streep updated her own meme at the 2018 Oscars
Only Meryl Streep can update her own meme.
Everyone wants to know what Jennifer Garner realized during the Oscars
'This is the look of an overly full diva cup.'
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