Kylie Jenner trademarks ‘rise and shine’ after meme success
If you’re rising and shining, Kylie Jenner is making money.
Wet Kylo Ren may turn everyone to the dark side
It's the stand-out meme from the new trailer.
‘Bomboclaat’ is the new ‘sco pa tu manaa’
But the phrases are not interchangeable.
Lori Harvey reportedly trying to walk away from car crash spawns memes
'How tf you try and flee the scene after the person you hit helps you out of your car.'
This video of a tree struck by lightning is… relatable?
'My empty stomach after eating a bag of Hot Cheetos.'
PewDiePie banned in China after reacting to Winnie the Pooh memes
He spoke about the Hong Kong protests and mocked Xi Jinping. 
TikTok girls dancing to voicemails from sh*tty exes is a vibe
People on TikTok are subtly calling out abusive behavior.
‘My headphones’ meme proves our music is sadder than we look
Sometimes we put on a strong face while listening to absolute tearjerkers.
Genius turns Kylie Jenner’s ‘rise and shine’ meme into alarm ringtone
You too can wake up to the tune of Jenner randomly belting out 'rise and shine.'
Brits are sharing their ‘awfully British Amazon reviews’ on Twitter
The hashtag was flooded with Brexit jokes.
Fortnite’s black hole launches conspiracy theories and memes
Players have some time on their hands.
Pro-Trump meme comedian Carpe Donktum suspended by Twitter (updated)
The suspension follows his controversial remarks.
Meme video of Trump shooting politicians sparks outrage
Many are calling on Trump to denounce the video, which played at his Miami resort.
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