The best Distracted Boyfriend memes
As it turns out, the Distracted Boyfriend is distracted by a lot of things.
How would a snake hold a knife? Twitter seems to have found the answer
Regardless of where you fall in this debate, can we all agree that giving a knife to a snake is a bad idea?
This Ariana Grande lollipop meme has people examining their life choices
Find you someone who looks at you like this.
Caption this: A meme of a young Cardi B
My momma said you gotta check out these memes.
This problematic Super Mario meme makes Luigi a bad guy
He represents the worst of the internet in this meme.
Daily Stormer rids of Pepe the frog images amid copyright claims
It's the latest victory for the artist behind the cartoon.
Jordan Peterson of ‘Clean up your room!’ fame can’t clean his room, apparently
Twitter is roasting the 'alt-right' hero for not living up to his own standards.
Everyone wants this bright pink coffin pool float
Life's too short for a boring pool float.
Man who ate Kit Kat completely wrong just proposed—with a Kit Kat
It seems his girlfriend was willing to look past the breach of candy bar conduct.
Brazilian soccer player Neymar becomes a meme after an outrageous flop
Neymar might be a great soccer player, but he's a terrible actor.
James Gunn’s ‘sneak peek’ of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s script has fans in a frenzy
If you squint hard enough, your favorite character will still be alive.
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