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Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted a horrible, blurry photo and the Internet won't let him forget it
The Apple CEO's smartphone had a rough time capturing the moment.
twitter bird holding a phone and footballs/$ coming out of the screen Woman swaps bodies with Peyton Manning at Super Bowl, livetweets
It's 'Freaky Friday' meets the NFL, and it's epic.
Beyonce in Formation Vogue and Cosmo criticized for reactions to Beyoncé's 'Formation' video
'If y'all actually had Black people on staff, then s**t like this wouldn't happen.'
art of  twitter bird The Internet hilariously mourns Twitter's planned changes with #RIPTwitter
At least they're being funny about it.
illustration of isis flag Twitter suspends 125,000 terrorist-linked accounts in fight against ISIS
'We condemn the use of Twitter to promote terrorism.'
james franco James Franco will helm the Zola movie
O. M. G.