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William Shatner William Shatner goes hog-wild for Miss Piggy on Twitter
Anything Kermie can do, Miss Piggy can do better. Someone is making mashups of Kanye West's VMAs dance and different kinds of music
He moves pretty well to the sounds of the Rembrandts.
Red panda Biologists join hilarious Twitter rant about nonsensical common animal names
Blue-footed boobies anyone? #StupidCommonNames
imgur: the simple image sharer 'Inside Amy Schumer' writer Kurt Metzger harasses Twitter personality @literalporn
'im sorry a white man didn't tip u for anal'
Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Fox & Friends Fox News isn't real news
And Elizabeth Hasselbeck isn't a journalist. So why do we keep paying attention?
Fan artist retells the whole story of 'Mad Max' in Egyptian hieroglyphs
This is it, the only Mad Max fanart we need.
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