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questlove Prince once interrupted Questlove's DJ set and insisted they watch 'Finding Nemo'
Don't come between a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and his Pixar.
star wars luke han leia The Bigger Luke Hypothesis is a beautiful parody of ridiculous 'Star Wars' fan theories
Are there two different Luke Skywalkers in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy? The answer won't surprise you.
anne hathaway pregnancy pic Anne Hathaway beats the paparazzi at their own game with Instagram baby bump pic
May we all find light, love, and a flattering filter in 2016.
snapchat 8 must-follow Snapchat accounts
Some of the most creative art around disappears every 24 hours.
adam sandler performaning chanuka song pt. 4 live Adam Sandler releases yet another 'Chanukah Song'
The holiday tradition is back.