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What does ‘deadass’ mean, and where did it come from?
It's been a thing for much longer than most internet terms. Deadass.
Millie Bobby Brown has the wrong take on ‘You’
The 'Stranger Things' star should have kept this to herself.
The ’10 Year Challenge’ isn’t as fun for trans people
As you can imagine, they face real privacy and harassment concerns.
Cardi B. jumps on 10-year challenge with high school performance of Lady Gaga song
It's clear that 10 years ago, Cardi B. was already a star.
Gamers take themselves way too seriously
A SonicFox tweet has gamers up in arms. Again.
Ariana Grande shows ‘Pokémon’ love with new Eevee tattoo
The Pokémon fan chose a cute monster to immortalize on her arm.
This man is pissed his Ruby Tuesday outing didn’t go as expected
Richard Southers was not happy about his $65 Ruby Tuesday bill.
Viral Twitter thread reminds us that middle school was weird
Apparently, there's a lot of stories about bombs.
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