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Michael Rapaport’s reaction to this weird-looking cat is hilarious
Michael Rapaport has always been funny, but this cat video might be his greatest work ever.
Drunk man purchases peacock, pig, and salamander in ill-fated online spree
These products are not available on Amazon.
Twitter can’t stop laughing at this Hitman 2 briefcase bug
Fans are comparing it to the Blue Shell in 'Mario Kart.'
This viral, fake Frank Ocean song is hilariously spot-on—and kinda slaps
Learn how to create a Frank Ocean song from scratch with this Twitter demonstration.
Twitter is very creeped out by this Danny DeVito bathroom shrine
Someone really likes Danny DeVito.
Police arrest thief who went viral because he looks like Ross from ‘Friends’
Police tweeted the news of the arrest and gave a special shout-out to David Schwimmer. 
Will Bradley Cooper pee onstage with Lady Gaga at the Oscars?
He said the performance would be 'unorthodox.'
The angry Jigglypuff in ‘Detective Pikachu’ is already a meme
People love this salty little puffball.
Viral thread of Twitter ‘hot takes’ reveals all sorts of questionable opinions
The Hood Oracle's call for spicy takes did not disappoint.
A man ‘married’ a hologram in a ‘cross-dimensional’ wedding
These two will likely be together until death. Literally. 
Today will forever and always be known as Beto Sex Tweet Day
This fleeting, horny Beto tweet had a nice run while it lasted.
YouTube food critic tries his first McRib
It's filled with juiciness.
Trumpy Bear is here, and Twitter can’t get enough
Yes, Trumpy Bear is real. No, we don't understand it.
Twitter loves this Ryan Reynolds-voiced trailer for ‘Detective Pikachu’
Even Reynolds is shocked at how much the internet loves this.
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