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Texas judge interrupts jury to say God told him defendant isn’t guilty
'When God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it.'
4 officers fired for taking free pizza instead of issuing tickets
Nobody wants to get a ticket—but everybody wants free pizza.
What’s up with the Tide Pod Challenge?
Are kids really eating Tide Pods?
Steve-O adopted a Peruvian street dog—and the internet is in love
Meet Wendy, Steve-O's new best friend.
‘Pop Team Epic’ is an anime for the meme generation
"Pop Team Epic" is being called 'the shitpost anime.'
This Brooklyn Pizzeria is serving edible Tide Pods
They're called 'pied pods.'
Forget Bitcoin, it’s all about ‘Bison Dollars’ now
To some people, Bitcoin is as fake as the money from a video game movie.
YouTube is taking down videos of the Tide Pod Challenge
Eating Pods violates community guidelines.
Army commander admits men may have been abducted by UFOs
The Rendlesham Forest incident is the U.K.'s Roswell.
Did ‘Dear David,’ the child ghost, show up in an Instagram Story?
'I know what it looks like. What it probably is.'
Welp, someone vaped a Tide Pod
We're done here.
The hottest new K-pop sensation plays a rubber chicken
He's a virtuoso on the best instrument.
Spike TV says goodbye with a fake Twitter meltdown
It's not the worst way to go out.
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