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The ‘You’re a man of culture’ meme is depraved internet humor in a nutshell
It's a meme that twisted culture into something sick and disturbing.
No one parodies ‘Gaston’ like Deadpool
His kill count is intimidating.
The Trumps are exactly like the Bluths from ‘Arrested Development’
This comparison between the Trumps and the Bluths from 'Arrested Development' is astoundingly good.
Ken Jeong uses his real-life medical skills to answer all your dumb medical questions
If you have questions about your body, Ken Jeong is ready to answer them.
On Sh*tposting
Sh*tposting is the language of the internet, now but not forever.
Trump had the time of his life in a parked truck, and #TrumpTruck was born
Just like his healthcare act, #TrumpTruck is in park.
9 GIFs to celebrate the best day of the year, National Puppy Day
Warning: These puppies are extremely cute.
This rap song about how old people get STDs is going to be your new jam
Rap Dkta D is here to educate seniors on the dangers of unprotected sex.
Middle Eastern airline fights electronics ban by subtweeting Trump
Don't know what to do on a 12-hour flight with a laptop? 'Pretend tray table is a keyboard.'
Kristi Yamaguchi goes full Tonya Harding on Nancy Kerrigan with savage tweet
If you don't understand why Kristi Yamaguchi telling Nancy Kerrigan to 'break a leg' is messed up, you missed the biggest sports scandal of the 90s.
Peter Parker’s glasses make everything clear in new meme
Spider-Man can see the world clearly now.
The ‘Change Team’ meme is all about backstabbing
Change team meme shows what happens if history's greatest traitors were video game characters.
Gucci pushes high-end watches with low-brow memes
They're calling it #TFWGucci.
Boy and dog with vitiligo finally meet after months of internet friendship
Rowdy has helped the 8-year-old feel better about his skin disease.
Mom accidentally sends 5-year-old to school with vodka instead of juice pouch
This mother sent her five year old daughter to school with a pouch full of Smirnoff vodka cocktail instead of juice.