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Guerrilla artists turn John Oliver billboard ad into right-wing meme
Last month the artist collective targeted Bill Maher’s billboard with the same NPC-meme used to deface the John Oliver Last Week Tonight ad.
Man stages fake DUI trial to propose to girlfriend, and people are asking why
Viral proposals are perhaps getting out of hand.
Loona stans take over Twitter with praise for the ‘Butterfly’ video
‘Fly like a butterfly’ has become their trending battle cry.
The best memes of 2019
The year in memes—so far.
‘Fake plane challenge’ takes off on TikTok
It's way cheaper than an actual plane ticket.
‘Due to personal reasons’ meme enables questionable behavior
People on Twitter are airing it all out.
People are Googling Rihanna and their birthday in a Twitter challenge
We should throw the zodiac signs out the window and look to Rihanna instead. 
YouTube is fueling the rise in flat earth believers
The Flat Earthers are expanding, thanks to YouTube.
21 Savage goes deep on 21 Savage memes
'A meme is nothing.'
Anthony Hamilton’s national anthem at All-Star game sparks MVP meme
Twitter loved the music in Charlotte.
Man fakes getting stood up at Outback Steakhouse
This man's Outback scam was funny, but was it also manipulative?
Dudes swallow AirPods in YouTube challenge video no one asked for
And you thought Tide Pods were bad.
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