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Kobe Bryant helicopter crash mocked in teen’s TikTok video
The video was in extremely poor taste.
The Grammys were weird and sad—but the Billy Porter hat memes offered some levity
Billie's Eilish's look—and historic win—also inspired reactions.
Lewis Capaldi mistaken for Grammy seat filler because no one knows who he is
The guy was nominated for song of the year. But also, like, who is he?
Twitter users are sharing which celebrities have blocked them
'I tweeted that she looked like a cabbage patch doll trying to look hot, and she blocked me.'
This Instagram account catches influencers in the wild
The account captures all the hilarious moments that go into taking the perfect 'gram.
TikTok teens use AirPods and Google Translate to secretly talk in class
The days of passing paper notes are long gone.
Kid meets Slipknot after drumming video goes viral
The 5-year-old also got to go onstage with the heavy metal band.
Grindr pulls an ‘I don’t know her’ after Eminem suggests he uses the app
Eminem was partaking in the Dolly Parton meme challenge.
Here are the top 10 most popular Instagram models in 2020
Influencers are everywhere nowadays. But these 10 top Instagram models are killing the game—in terms of content and follower count.
This TikTok account for Chancellor Palpatine is hilarious
One of the most feared Sith Lords in Star Wars is taking over TikTok.
TikTok teen famous for greasy hair ends her 8-year reign
Paige Gozon embraced her non-washed hair as a lifestyle.
People are making dark memes about the coronavirus
Finally, a virus for frat bros.
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