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Donald Trump declares May 1 as Loyalty Day—and Twitter is loving the irony
It's a day that's been around for six decades.
These llamas that go to weddings are becoming Instagram superstars
Why wouldn't you want a llama at your wedding?
Jimmy John’s cashier couldn’t care less that a robber pointed a gun in his face
Who knew Jimmy John's cashiers had this kind of fortitude?
Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival is now a circle of hell
The festival is currently coordinating flights off the island for attendees.
You can now make a reservation at Taco Bell
This is like heaven. If heaven is, in fact, a Taco Bell restaurant.
‘Meh.’ is your new favorite cooking tutorial parody
Are you ready for the most boring recipes in American cuisine?
Study shows female dragonflies play dead to avoid males—and women of Twitter reply ‘same’
Yes, harassment is so bad that women are envying fake insect death.
Someone put ‘Rick and Morty’ together with ‘Welcome to Night Vale’—and it’s bizarrely perfect
'Area 51 but for NPR' meets 'alternate reality Back to the Future.'
This pic of Beyoncé placing an order is now a meme
She has serious questions about the menu.
Commuter Barbie is the best parody of millennial New Yorkers
She's the career girl who's running the world—but also running late.
The truth about that viral Bill Nye screengrab
Nye never said "gender is determined by your chromosomes."
A beginner’s guide to the most-used Twitch emotes
A guide to the very particular language of Twitch streamers. monkas.
IKEA snaps back about knockoff Balenciaga bag
Frakta? 99 cents. Balenciaga? Two grand. Social media snark? Priceless.