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Here’s why Elon Musk is a sheep on Twitter
It's all fun and games until some poor sheep ends up getting shot into space.
This video captures 15 years of meme trends in 10 minutes
From Leroy Jenkins to Big Chungus, the gang's all here.
Ricardo Milos dancing memes are the new Rickroll
He's the jock-strapped model in a red bandanna boogieing across your timeline.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players are now fighting on giant d*cks
Dick-detection software utterly fails to ban phallic imagery.
Are teens really eating foods with the ‘shells on’ for a new viral challenge?
Following reports of a new viral challenge, we set out to prove if it exists.
India bans TikTok over concerns of child endangerment
The app is wildly popular in India, but critics say TikTok is making kids vulnerable.
Jack Dorsey’s disheveled look becomes a meme on his website
Black hoodie, check. Black beanie that covers ears, check.
The ‘keep your movie’ meme explains why you’re not a multi-millionaire
'You’re missing out on being a multi-millionaire.'
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