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illustration of purvi patel Women's rights activists stand behind #PurviPatel on appeal over feticide
She's serving a 20-year prison sentence for paradoxically killing a fetus and abandoning a live baby.
University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono University of Cincinnati president opens up about battles with depression and suicide
Santa Ono took to Twitter to shed the stigma of mental illness.
illustration of a banana and a condom No, this German sex-ed site wasn't created to teach Muslim migrants not to rape
An outrage-baiting rumor has spun out of control.
Woman writing with black anonymizing bar over her face xoJane essayist says she's not sorry for writing about her friend's death
Amanda Lauren tells the Daily Dot she's just misunderstood.
White House with transgender color overlay Obama admin. says health insurers must cover transgender Americans
The final HHS ruling protects all who receive medical care from discrimination.