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X-FilesIn defense of endings—why the world doesn't need another 'X-Files' reboot
We keep digging in the media graveyard, pulling up old bones. But when will we let the dead stay dead?
overhead shot of a boy surrounded by antlered raindeer as birds fly overhead and perch in his hairThe artist behind Tumblr's most viral animated art talks fart GIFs
'I wish I ate pixels because I would eat my entire dashboard.'
Don't listen to William Shatner—'Star Trek' is totally political
William Shatner blocked us on Twitter because we think 'Star Trek' is political. Here's why we're right.
Screengrab from OnlyLeighAre there too many Marvel movies?
Has Marvel jumped the supershark?
Why Funimation's statement on fanart is a double-edged sword for creators
Funimation takes a tolerant position, but it's missing a key point.
Pixiv is playing host to a fanart contest for popular manga 'Rose of Versailles'
The legendary artist Riyoko Ikeda herself will judge your shoujo artwork.
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