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hannibal food bedelia 'Hannibal' inspired fans to turn cannibalistic art into real-world dinner parties
None of these delicious recipes contain people. Probably.
It's James Potter's first day at Hogwarts—here's what he could find
James has seven years to look forward to in the greatest school on earth—but it's not the Hogwarts we knew.
Slash promotional photo New Kickstarter for a slash fiction film unsettles the fandom community
Clay Liford may not be a member of the slash community, but he wants his film to welcome everyone.
Why the One Direction 'split' isn't causing the mass fan panic you heard about
Directioners aren't worried; they've been through this spin cycle before.
book shelves The 2015 Hugo Awards put the 'world' back into Worldcon
Cixin Liu's 'The Three Body Problem' won Best Novel at this year's controversial Hugo Awards.
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