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Person inside of a box Doxing isn't about privacy—it's about abuse
Let's get real—the issue isn't secrecy, it's power.
See this Instagram photo by @the_british_monarchy • 12.7k likes Tips for the queen's new head of social media
The British monarchy is looking for someone to lead its digital engagement team.
Shruggie emoticon spray-painted on brick wall How the Internet is changing the English language
But do you even GAF, bro?
gramgram social network GramGram is the social media service your grandma desperately needs
It's probably been ages since you talked.
image of a television with the facebook and facebook logo on the screen The future of TV isn't Netflix and Amazon—it's Facebook and Twitter
The TV in your living room is becoming more redundant with each passing year.
phone apps The inherent problem with anonymous apps
Anonymous apps have an expiration date.