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The real reason some men still can't handle the all-female 'Ghostbusters'
The reboot won't ruin your childhood—but it might help you see the world differently.
propsdFake marriage proposals will get you tons of social-media engagement
If you're desperate for likes, pretend you fell in love.
Kenyans launch #SomeoneTellCNN after network calls their country a 'terror hotbed'
That'll teach CNN to be more careful with its labels.
womenThe Internet was too smart to fall for 4chan's fake feminist convention
Kids, don't put the word 'con' in the actual title of your Internet hoax.
Top DOJ official says companies should be held more liable for what terrorists do on their sitesTop U.S. official wants tech companies to be liable for hosting terrorist content
Will Twitter have to work even harder to ban terrorists?
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