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Photos courtesy of ThinkGeek Remix by Michelle Jaworski

Here are the joke items ThinkGeek has to offer for April Fools’ Day

All the fake products we wish we could buy.


Michelle Jaworski


With April Fools’ Day falling on a Saturday this year, some brands released their pranks into the world a little early. However, ThinkGeek—which has been releasing its vast collection of special items every year since 2001—waited until many of us were off from work to release its latest batch of fake products into the world.

Like in past years, the latest gag products from ThinkGeek are spread across different fandoms with a mix of culturally relevant items and classics. Some of them are parodies of actual products while others take them to another level. And some of them just look plain fun.

And remember, although these are currently fake products, there’s always a possibility that they may one day become real. Just look at the Tauntaun Sleeping bag.

1) Tentacuddle Wrap: $39.99

tentaculddle wrap

A riff off of the mermaid blanket craze, this blanket will make getting off your behind even less tempting while keeping your legs and feet warm. You might not use all of the tentacles but it’ll look cool.

2) SwearJar: $19.99


Not your average swear jar. Instead of putting money into it every time you curse, it curses at you if it’s been awhile since you put money into it. And yes, you can adjust the verbal rating on it.

3) Where’s Barb?: $13.99

where's barb

Finally, we’ll get an answer to the one question that fans wanted answered that Stranger Things probably didn’t think people would care so much about in one Where’s Waldo-esque companion book.

4) Shazaam the Movie: $24.99

shazaam movie

Last year, the internet’s collective mind was blown after discovering that Shazaam, a movie starring Sinbad as an inept genie, didn’t actually exist. Then again, if it didn’t, how could these VHS sets of Shazaam exist? (They still don’t, but then again it might be even harder for some to find a VHS player nowadays.)

5) Swim Desk: $1,999.99

swim desk

Standing desks and treadmill desks already exist, so why not take it to the next level and burn calories by swimming while you work? Occupational hazards aside, it is certainly one of ThinkGeek’s more absurd offerings—not to mention one of the more expensive. Plus, it’s highly unlikely it’d actually fit indoors.

6) Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag: $79.99

hot pocket sleeping bag

You could just buy a Hot Pocket, or you could take it one step further and basically become one. With a system that will heat you up like the frozen product, it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

7) Westworld Full-Body Snake Temporary Tattoo: $18.99

westworld snake tattoo

Westworld is ripe for cosplayers as convention season—and San Diego Comic-Con in particular—draws near. The recreation of Westworld host Armistice’s snake tattoo, composed of 20 sheets of paper, brings a vital part of her backstory to your costume. As for her other major body upgrade, well…we wouldn’t recommend pulling that off.

8) Bicycle Horn of Gondor: $29.99

bicycle horn of gondor

Well, how else are you going to call the rest of the Fellowship for aid on the battlefield playground?

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