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Dirty Delete: Roger Stone’s dirty dealings span five decades

Stone creates so much content it’s a wonder he has time for anything else.


Claire Goforth


Posted on Mar 17, 2023   Updated on Mar 17, 2023, 6:38 am CDT

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Roger Stone is one of the nastiest political operatives that ever lived—and that’s what his friends probably say about him.

Stone has been in politics since the Nixon era and infamously even has a tattoo of Tricky Dick.

Even though he’s 70 years old, Stone’s internet activity is proof that you can teach an old dog new dirty tricks. He is prolific online, where he’s just as bombastic and eccentric as he is in real life.

He’s not much for letting things go, though. Stone is still on one about the 2020 election and battling the so-called deep state. And you can help too! Last summer he wrote on Telegram, “Help me fight the Deep State—Order your personalized Video shout out on Cameo today.”

The cost of a Roger Stone Cameo: $100. Knowing you’re fighting the deep state by paying him to roast your friend for shopping for rugs online and smoking Juuls: priceless.

Stone creates so much content it’s a wonder he has time for anything else.

Stone got suspended from Twitter before it was cool. Even in 2017, Twitter wasn’t down with his deranged rant calling CNN reporters “dumber than dog shit,” “human excrement,” “dull witted arrogant partyboi,” and “lying lying covsucker [sic].”

He’s among the few people who’s had their Instagram account taken down. He got caught in a dragnet that found him linked to fake accounts and his buddies in the Proud Boys.

Stone is linked to some of the most notorious people on the web: everyone from Alex Jones to Ali Alexander. Try as we might—and many of us have—no one could forget the time he offered to freeze his sperm for his pal Laura Loomer.

These days Stone occupies his time online serving his master, former President Donald Trump, which entails constantly attacking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

Stone has accounts on Gab, Rumble, Soundcloud, Rumble, Telegram, Truth Social, Gettr, Parler, Substack, and (thanks to Elon Musk) Twitter.

Dirtiest Delete

I’m sure we all wish that Stone deleted the post about freezing his sperm so Loomer can give him an heir. Alas, that’s still on his Gab account.

Most of the tweets that resulted in Stone’s Twitter suspension in 2017 are no more, including one where he called a disinformation researcher a “stupid stupid bitch” and boasted about the Trump campaign’s “back channel” to Julian Assange, whom the United States has charged with espionage.

It’s probably not a good idea to brag about having a secret line to someone accused of spying on your own country.

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*First Published: Mar 17, 2023, 6:00 am CDT