Randy McNally speaking in front of brick wall

GOP lieutenant governor of anti-LGBTQ state can’t stop posting heart emojis on young man’s Instagram

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally 'has no intention of stopping.'

On Mar 9, 2023 by Claire Goforth

person using 'Take it down' app

Meta announces new tool to help teens fight back against non-consensual sharing of their private images

Meta helped fund Take It Down, a proactive software that aims to take down private photos on the internet.

On Feb 27, 2023 by Jacob Seitz

woman greenscreen TikTok over Instagram post with caption 'MY BABY' 'there is a mother on IG who has created a tour to have individuals' (l) woman pointing to caption 'will you please address the woman who is having meet and greets from LA to NYC for her 3 year old!!!' 'I will address this' (c) woman greenscreen TikTok over Instagram post with caption 'MY BABY' 'aka strangers online meet her 3 year old daughter' (r)

‘The parasocial relationships on social media are out of control’: Influencer called out for announcing ‘meet-and-greet tour’ for 3-year-old daughter

The announcement got people talking about child exploitation on social media.

On Feb 25, 2023 by Audra Schroeder

Donald Trump vetoed NDAA because Section 230 wasn't part of it.

Facebook says Trump can come back—as long as he doesn’t do another Jan. 6

That's the rule.

On Jan 25, 2023 by David Covucci

transgender-flag-colored cloth on cross, flanked by two empty crosses

LGBTQ Christians are using Instagram to protest the ex-gay, ex-trans movement

Christians are divided on doctrine—and the stakes are high.

On Jan 21, 2023 by Heather Stewart

@bluntblackjew and Liz Sohyeon Kleinrock in front of light peach to pink vertical gradient background Passionfruit remix

Jewish creators are fighting antisemitism–and you should too

This isn’t a resurgence of antisemitism on social media. It’s never gone away.

On Jan 11, 2023 by Sabina Wex

woman laying on bed speaking (l) phone with 3 Instagram notifications on screen in front of black background (c) woman laying on bed speaking with hand up (r)

‘How did you know that?’: Woman claims Instagram notified followers that she was swiping on Tinder

'I have relatives, cousins, uncles, people who just do not need to be knowing I am swiping on Tinder.'

On Dec 27, 2022 by Vladimir Supica

woman speaking in kitchen caption 'tell me why I thought somebody hacked my Starbucks app' (l) woman speaking in kitchen caption 'and then I went on Instagram and realized' (c) woman speaking in kitchen with image of Starbucks app post on her Instagram with barcode caption 'with the freaking Starbucks barcode on the internet for everyone to see' (r)

‘I thought somebody hacked my Starbucks app’: Influencer accidentally posts her Starbucks barcode on Instagram

'I hope you all enjoyed your free drinks on me.'

On Nov 30, 2022 by Melody Heald

Homepage article image

‘I think everybody’s a racist’: Teacher tells Black students that white is the ‘superior race’ in viral video

'Bro they literally let ANYONE become a teacher nowadays.'

On Nov 14, 2022 by Tricia Crimmins

houses with Colorado mountains behind with Instagram gradient overlay

‘It’s getting really old’: Locals band together on Instagram to fight a tourist-fueled housing crisis

The fight to ‘legalize locals.'

On Nov 7, 2022 by Zanny Merullo Steffgen

instagram censored and behind bars photo

‘This literally happened to almost every woman I know’: Woman says impostor used fake nudes of her to create an Instagram porn account

'It’s crazy how Instagram does not have a real system that deals with it.'

On Nov 7, 2022 by Natasha Dubash

woman speaking with hands on chest caption 'Hey PetSmart, do better.' (l) Pet Smart building with sign (c) woman speaking with hands out caption 'Hey PetSmart, do better.' (r)

‘I honestly did not want to have to make this video’: PetSmart called out for stealing her content, sparking debate

'I’m never buying from you again unless you make this right.'

On Nov 4, 2022 by Cecilia Lenzen

Homepage article image

‘Real Housewives’ digital archivists take fans behind the curtain

Fans are hungry for Real Housewives content by independent creators.

On Nov 1, 2022 by Tara Kenny

narcissus statue holding phone

From centerfolds to cellphones: The rise of the male thirst trap

'It left something to the imagination.'

On Oct 26, 2022 by Louise Lush

bereal sketch on snl showing a person holding up the bereal app feed

Some people just don’t want to BeReal

'I don’t want to BeReal' is a whole vibe now.

On Oct 15, 2022 by Tiffany Kelly