Illustration of mouths covered with tape and the meta logo floating over it

Meta launches crackdown on use of ‘Zionist’—potentially further silencing Palestinian voices

Meta noted the term didn’t have a consensus definition though.

On by Tricia Crimmins

Hand holding phone with instagram app(l), Trans flag(r)

Instagram suspended Trans March organizer’s accounts over casting call—citing ‘human exploitation’

The account for San Francisco Trans March was also suspended.

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RFK Jr. fans flock to his new platform for reporting social media censorship

‘Only like is my wife’: RFK Jr. launches site for boomer Facebook fans to bemoan their posts getting no love

He and his fans think they’re being censored.

On by Katherine Huggins

Woman talking(l+r), Target logo(c)

‘A direct attack’: Woman tags Target items in her post. She can’t believe what product Instagram auto-tagged her as

‘I’m going to spend the rest of my day crying.’

On by Rachel Cohen

Hand holding phone with instagram app(l), Meta text(r)

Instagram opted all users out of seeing political content—a day before the first presidential debate

Instagram also changed its ‘political content’ policy in February.

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Tennis ball with smiling face(l), Peppers with smiling faces(c), Potato with smiling face(r)

Why is TikTok now flooded with inane ‘help me prove to my boss’ marketing videos?

Social media is rallying together to prove strangers’ bosses and teachers wrong.

On by Katherine Huggins

All Eyes on Rafah ai image(l), Black square(r)

‘Communicates nothing’: Is the massively viral ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ image the new BLM black square?

The AI-generated image has been shared more than 40 million times on Instagram.

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Posts from @ sjpcolumbia saying their account is being surpressed

String of Palestinian college activists had Instagram accounts locked for supporting ‘dangerous’ people

2 of the groups affected are affiliated with Columbia University.

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All Eyes on Rafah AI image

How the ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ image took over Instagram

The story was shared over 40 million times.

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Emo brunch scam

‘If Emo Brunch comes in your area, do not do it’: Austin Emo Brunch attendee says she was scammed

‘None of that was there.’

On by Grace Fowler

navy instagram backward scope

Navy skipper roasted after branch posts Instagram of him shooting rifle with scope on backward

EMI for the Navy guy.

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Woman says Luke's 32 Bridge bar is deleting Instagram comments sharing similar experiences as a customer who went missing after being kicked out

‘They’re even deleting all their Google reviews’: Woman says Luke’s 32 Bridge bar is deleting Instagram comments sharing similar experiences as a customer who went missing after being kicked out

‘I was in the same situation as Riley Strain.’

On by Vladimir Supica

Willy Wonka memes

Meme History: Willy Wonka Memes

Willy Wonka is back in the zeitgeist, but let’s not forgot his classic meme origins.

On by Kyle Calise

Right wing protesters(l), Down websites(r)

‘Practice run for November?’ Massive Facebook outage on Super Tuesday sparks claims of deep state sabotage

‘What a coincidence that Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are down on Super Tuesday.’

On by Mikael Thalen

white lotus meghann fahy leo woodall official dating

‘White Lotus’ co-stars Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall confirm relationship on Instagram: ‘Because his boy of the month era is starting’

Clues about the relationship had been appearing on Instagram since Fahy shared photos from the ‘White Lotus’ set.

On by Allie Hayes

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