New iOS update fixes the iPhone’s latest crash bug


Last week, an annoying new iPhone bug was discovered. When you received a message that included a specific character, your iPhone would crash, and you’d be unable to access the messaging app it was sent through. This included Messages, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, as well as email clients such as Gmail and Outlook.

Apple promised to fix the issue before the launch of iOS 11.3, and it has delivered. iOS 11.2.6 is out today, and it fixes this crash bug on iOS devices. Apple also issued updates for macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, so the problem, which stems from an Indian (Telugu) character) doesn’t proliferate on those devices either.

iOS 11 has thus far been subject to a number of different bugs. After debuting its first major update, iOS 11.1, the iPhone would strangely autocorrect the letter “I” with “A [?].” Another bug autocorrected the word “it” to “I.T.” The built-in Calculator app in iOS 11.1 also had issues—it registered your key-presses so slowly that it would deliver incorrect mathematical results.

Hopefully, your friends (or foes) didn’t prank you with this latest messaging app-crashing bug. However, if they did, at least you have a fix now.

H/T The Verge

Christina Bonnington

Christina Bonnington

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