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matt ballasai Comedian Matt Bellassai signs with CAA, puts BuzzFeed show on hiatus
'BuzzFeed will always be my One Direction.'
dogs wearing pants Why is the Internet reliving this old debate about dogs wearing pants?
Woof if you know the answer.
woman celebrating her body Why 2015 was a good year for body positivity
It might not have been perfect, but there's a lot to celebrate.
Twitter and Reddit are fighting the same battle
Both companies are desperate to enter the mainstream—but their own sites are holding them back.
The Shoe. Seriously though, which color nail polish matches this damn shoe?
'The Shoe' is the new 'The Dress' and we're not happy about it either.
Ze Frank Katie Couric set to interview Ze Frank at VidCon this month
Old media and new media meet at YouTube creators' biggest convention.