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The ‘Break-up Boss’ might just stop you from drunk texting your ex
To get over someone, get under this new app.
Google, Howard University team up to fix Silicon Valley’s diversity problem
Google and Howard University will begin a computer science residency program this summer.
Congress calls on FBI to find 22 missing teens of color in D.C.
Activists worry #MissingDCGirls could be victims of sex trafficking.
Man walks in rape case because woman didn’t scream during attack
Woman doth protest too little, says the court.
NCAA threatens to pull 133 games from North Carolina over H.B. 2
The state could lose over $250 million as a result.
Trump gloating about Colin Kaepernick not getting a job is nothing short of economic terrorism
There's a long history of blacks peacefully protesting—then whites doubling down on oppression.
More men are testing their sperm at home—and some docs are worried
Urologists say at-home tests can't show the full picture of a man's fertility.
Oklahoma lawmaker thinks rape can ‘bring beauty from ashes’
'Rape and incest could be part of God's will.'
Pregnant women could lose coverage if ‘essential benefits’ are removed under Obamacare replacement
The House needs far-right votes to pass the bill—and cutting pregnancy coverage may help.
Middle Eastern airline fights electronics ban by subtweeting Trump
Don't know what to do on a 12-hour flight with a laptop? 'Pretend tray table is a keyboard.'
Energy Sec. Perry denounces alma mater’s election of first gay student body president in op-ed
The energy secretary thinks the student government judicial court unfairly disqualified the highest vote-getter.
This bus claims trans people do not exist—and it could be coming soon to your city
'It's Biology: Boys are boys... and always will be.'
Sneaky 3-year-old snatches Pope Francis’ hat
The Pope's response was priceless.
The long crusade: How the Mormon Church continues to war against gay marriage
Newly leaked documents reveal that church leaders were heavily involved in campaigning against same-sex marriage—and still are today.