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Police muted body cameras after shooting unarmed Black man in Sacramento
Stephon Clark was reportedly fatally shot in his own backyard.
Report: Trump administration removed queer women’s health info from HHS website
A study fears the department has 'targeted' lesbians and bisexual women.
Pennsylvania Senate passes strict gun-control bill aimed at domestic abusers
If passed, convicted domestic abusers must turn over their guns in two days.
Controversial ‘sex-trafficking’ bill is passed—and sex workers are already feeling its impact
Reddit has already banned subreddits that sex workers turn to for help.
Alyssa Milano calls out Wendy’s over ‘shocking’ response to farmworker abuse
A Wendy's spokesperson alleged the protest is trying to exploit the Me Too movement.
Austin police label serial bomber ‘very challenged,’ prompting internet outcry
Many wonder if authorities would use these same words to describe a person of color.
Censored on YouTube, popular gun channel moves to Pornhub
The channel's creators said they're looking for a 'safe harbor.'
’13 Reasons Why’ to include new intro advising viewers of sensitive topics
The move comes in response to calls for Netflix to provide more resources.
How to be less socially awkward, according to mental health professionals
Your anxiety doesn't have to swallow you whole.
Trump’s judicial pick under fire for racist, homophobic remarks
He called marriage equality 'an assault on nature.'
Ben Carson’s makes transphobic comments amid a trans homelessness epidemic
The HUD secretary seems to be asking for another lawsuit.
Woman fakes a Disneyland vacation to make a point about Instagram ‘perfection’
It was the face-manipulating app FaceApp that got her thinking—what else could she change?
Twitter is ‘toxic’ for women, says Amnesty International
Victims report feeling stress, anxiety, and panic attacks.
Suspected Austin serial bomber dies after explosion, police chase (updated)
Authorities said they haven't determined whether the suspect left other bombs or if he acted alone.
Why teens love Bernie Sanders so much
They seem like opposites on the surface.
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