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Counselors reportedly pressured to share private info about Facebook moderators
One manager allegedly said that 'confidentiality does not exist' for employees.
Barstool Sports founder under investigation for anti-union tweets
He repeatedly threatened to fire his employees if they unionized.
How an Instagram feud led to the death of 9-year-old girl
'She was in her house. She felt safe. She was 9 years old.'
Swipe This! Why does my BFF get more likes on Instagram than me?
Likes might stress you out—but they don't have to.
Instagram model Rianne Meijer on keeping it real with her followers
The model shares the 'reality' to her seemingly flawless pics.
These are the best places to find furry porn comics online
From Reddit to Patreon and everything in between.
This Four Loko hard seltzer is basically a meme in a can
We hope you've made out your last will and testament!
Amazon’s plan to have warehouse workers defend it backfired beautifully (updated)
Twitter users are making memes out of the dystopian 'Amazon FC Ambassador' Twitter accounts, one of the strangest PR astroturfing campaigns in recent memory.
Bodycam shows officer fatally shot 19-year-old in the back
The video may contradict the officers’ claims.
Pro-Hong Kong memes have crashed the Dota 2 International party
'Dota 2' International Twitch chats have been filled with anti-Chinese sentiment as pro-Hong Kong streamers protest the upcoming Shanghai event.
Report: ICE’s collection of ankle monitor data led to 700 arrests
Immigration advocates say this raises alarms about privacy.
#BoycottMulan: Disney star blasted for supporting Hong Kong police
Police in Hong Kong have been accused of using excessive force on protesters.
From droids to monster girls, here are the best porn games for trans people
Have sex as a robot trans woman or invite a monster man over for dinner.
Neo-Nazi accused of planning bombings wanted to recruit kids
He talked about his recruitment plans on Discord.
Ted Bundy and Charles Manson stans are in a bizarre Twitter feud
Yes, unfortunately, the serial killers have stans.
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