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Man allowed to sue media publishers over readers’ Facebook comments
A man detained as a teen says Facebook comments amounted to defamation.
Missing YouTuber Etika’s belongings found alongside bridge
Etika left suicidal messages in a YouTube video before he went missing.
Men on Reddit seem terrible at relationships
Author's tweets uncover cringe-worthy anecdotes.
Study claims Facebook statuses can reveal people’s medical conditions
Researchers analyzed words to better predict diabetes, anxiety, and depression.
One true pairing: Real-life love stories from the heart of fanfic
Five couples who met in the internet's most passionate corners tell us their stories.
Suspect arrested for murder of Chynal Lindsey, a Black trans woman
Police say there is no reason to suspect a serial killer.
Kevin Sorbo accused of sexual harassment by former co-star Haley Webb
The online exchange came in response to Sorbo's pro-Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweet.
The internet is celebrating a ban on ‘gay and trans panic’ defense for murder
This makes New York only the sixth state to ban the defense.
Firearm companies can’t advertise guns on Instagram—but influencers can
'In regards to Facebook and Instagram, it really is the only way for gun companies to grow.'
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