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Trans/Sex: Here’s what you need to know before having sex with a trans woman
It's time to put the worst myths to bed, no pun intended.
Irony of Georgia’s sperm-reporting bill flies by anti-abortion advocates
Conservatives call it 'big brother' with seemingly no self-awareness.
Sex scandals are consuming the K-pop industry
The president of South Korea has called for a thorough investigation.
Auschwitz Memorial asks visitors to stop taking playful photos at Holocaust site
'Remember you are at the site where over 1 million people were killed.'
Why is political blog the Hill publishing op-eds by anti-LGBTQ hate groups?
Look closely and you'll find the Hill has a history of giving space to dangerous rhetoric.
From VR to visual novels, these are the best BDSM games
Get tied up with some of the best kink games around.
Daniel Caesar dons cape for whiteness—and gets canceled
The Grammy-winner defends YesJulz, and picks a puzzling hill to die on.
Minecraft creator says he would rather be a fascist than have a ‘feminine dick’
Notch has embraced QAnon—and now he's attacking trans bodies.
Cop arrested for recording man’s genitals, forcing mentally ill man to twerk
She reportedly shared the videos with friends, who she also ran background checks for.
Know what you’re signing up for thanks to these dating site reviews
We'll help you compare dating websites until you've met your match.
Smooth dude gets girl’s number with a ‘choose your own adventure’ RPG on Tinder
Nothing like a little role-play to start off a romance.
Drag queen spreads joy to toddler, world with ‘Baby Shark’ performance
Who can say no to a request for 'Baby Shark'?
#AbledsAreWeird demonstrates how not to treat people with disabilities
Some called the stories of discrimination shared a much-needed reality check.
This Twitter user wants to expose white YouTubers for racist, transphobic content
Twitter user @Jovanforever says he wants to ‘f*ck up every white life I can.’
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