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The long crusade: How the Mormon Church continues to war against gay marriage
Newly leaked documents reveal that church leaders were heavily involved in campaigning against same-sex marriage—and still are today.
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‘Cash Me Ousside’ teen beaten by mother in leaked video
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Teen boy claims changing in locker room with transgender boy is ‘sexual harassment,’ sues school district
LGBTQ activists are concerned this could set a dangerous precedent.
5 white guys file a ‘reverse discrimination’ lawsuit against Diddy’s Revolt TV
They claim they weren't black enough or young enough.
Neil Gorsuch explains away maternity leave accusations during nomination hearing
He says the student didn’t remember his question properly.
Jersey City is the latest LGBTQ center to be hit with vandalism
This makes the fourth such crime in a month.
Germany to annul thousands of homosexuality convictions
The law will financially compensate the 5,000 remaining living men who were convicted.
Kentucky legalizes LGBTQ discrimination in public schools
Now, religious or political clubs can bar LGBTQ students from their organizations.
Immigrants commit fewer crimes than Trump wants you to believe
Yes, even undocumented immigrants.
Women in ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ red robes have come for the Texas Senate
Activists rally against an anti-choice dystopia.