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Netflix boots communications chief for using the N-word twice
Friedland demonstrated 'unacceptably low racial awareness and sensitivity,' said CEO Reed Hastings.
The internet is disgusted by Mike Huckabee’s newest racist tweet
Huckabee continues his disturbing trend. is just photos of immigrants in cages
It's only three letters away from the domain for the luxury hotel group. 
Amazon workers don’t want their tech used by ICE
Tech workers are fighting the use of their creations by ICE.
Gender dysphoria is no longer classified as a mental health problem. Here’s why that matters
It's a good step, but trans acceptance has a long way to go.
TEDx addresses controversial talk about pedophilia being a ‘natural sexual orientation’
TEDx says the talk 'cites research in ways that are open to serious misinterpretation.'
Congresswoman’s plan to reunite families separated at the border: 23andMe
Representative Speier hopes the DNA testing company will do what the government won’t.
‘GLOW’ star Britney Young wrestles with Hollywood
The breakout star is back for season 2.
The Trump administration’s war on people with disabilities
Corey Lewandowski's 'womp, womp' comment is on par with Trump's behavior and policies.
Sinclair stations air unabashedly pro-Trump spot on family separation
The broadcasting conglomerate has been criticized for being pro-Trump.
XXXTentacion’s victim deserves your misplaced empathy
Hip-hop’s enduring lovefest for the rapper is a shame.
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