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YouTube agent found guilty of sexually abusing a minor
He was sentenced to 20 months.
Detroit cop fired for posting racist Snapchat selfie
He wrote it was another night of wrangling 'up these zoo animals,' referring to the Detroit community he policed.
Beware of the dangerous transphobia behind this YouTuber’s ‘theybies’ rant
This screed is much darker than 'liberals have gone too far.'
Facebook sued by former content moderator who says violence, loud noises trigger her PTSD
She says her PTSD can be trigged just by entering a cold building.
Twitter is taking aim at Brett Kavanaugh for interrupting his wife on Fox News
'I really wanted to hear Ashley Kavanaugh's answer to that question. I'm sure I'm not the only one.'
The 8 best live cam sites for gay men
Let's talk diversity, daddies, and sex toy tipping.
People on Twitter are upset that the Smithsonian’s hip-hop curator is white
Should a white woman be in charge of Black art?
Political cartoon mocking Christine Blasey Ford infuriates Twitter
The cartoon depicts Ford making lavish requests.
Bill Cosby sentenced to 3-10 years in prison for sexual assault
Cosby was convicted on three felony counts.
#BelieveSurvivors shows internet solidarity for sexual assault survivors
Survivors and allies are urging the nation to listen.
Creator of SevenAwesomeKids YouTube channel charged with molesting underage performer
His network of channels has more than 15 million subscribers.
Stormy Daniels’ lawyer says there is evidence of house parties where Kavanaugh targeted women for assault
Meanwhile, investigators are looking into a possible fourth woman's claims.
Town throws early Christmas parade for 2-year-old with terminal cancer
Christmas was the toddler's favorite holiday.
The birth of online dating
The '90s. An email. And a dream.
Panic! at the Disco kicks out guitarist after misconduct allegations (updated)
Tweets from several young women allege predatory behavior.
#MeToo founder, others organize walkout for Christine Blasey Ford
Supporters are encouraged to walk out at 1pm ET on Monday.
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