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New York police union asserts that ‘blue racism’ is worse than actual racism
The union president is having second thoughts about using the term 'racism' in the video.
Alabama parents petition school to remove Pride flag, compare it to the Confederate flag
The LGBTQ symbol creates a 'hostile' environment, the petition reads.
Father of Steubenville rapist attempts to gun down Ohio judge
The father, apparently, has a violent past.
Kentucky governor believes Charlottesville happened because the Bible isn’t taught in schools
Related: He also passed a bill allowing public schools to teach the Bible.
Nearly 10 percent of Americans think it’s OK to be a neo-Nazi
The poll also found more dismal approval ratings for Donald Trump.
Hate group cancels pro-Trump rallies, moves them online
Never mind the measly two people who marked 'going' on Facebook.
‘Love bombing’ is the horrific dating trend that needs to be called out
It's worse than ghosting—it's borderline abuse.
How to repurpose your solar eclipse glasses and do some good
The eclipse is over—donate those glasses to less fortunate communities.
Ellen Pao: ‘I believed I had an obligation to speak out’
The memoir about her experiences at Kleiner Perkins is coming soon.
Teen accused of Slender Man stabbing pleads guilty to reduced charge
The disturbing crime inches toward a resolution.
Thousands sign petition to replace Confederate monument with Missy Elliott statue
Why not 'put white supremacy down, flip it, and reverse it'?
University of Texas takes down 4 Confederate statues in the middle of the night
They have become 'symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism,' said the university president.