presidential debate live stream

Presidential debate live stream: How to watch the final presidential debate

It’s Round 2 (or 3, if you count the Town Hall events) between Trump and Biden.

On by Phil West

cspan live stream

How to stream C-SPAN

Skip the extra political commentary.

On by Joseph Knoop

Bernie Sanders wins California Primary

Bernie Sanders officially wins California primary

California had the most delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday.

On by Andrew Wyrich

bernie sanders' clothes chair

People find Bernie’s ‘clothes chair’ relatable AF

‘Further proof that Bernie is a man of the people.’

On by Eilish O’Sullivan

Elizabeth Warren and her dog Bailey

Warren’s dog steals the show by stealing a burrito


On by Mikael Thalen

Elizabeth Warren drops out of 2020 race

Elizabeth Warren drops out of 2020 race

Warren’s campaign was marked by a number of detailed plans she released covering how she hoped to roll out a progressive agenda.

On by Andrew Wyrich

Tulsi Gabbard Lawsuit Google Dropped

Tulsi Gabbard’s suit against Google dismissed

The decision was similar to one given after a conservative group tried to sue Google and YouTube.

On by Andrew Wyrich

Clearview AI Facial Recognition Rich People

Rich people got to use Clearview’s facial recognition app first

Before the app was used by law enforcement, it was reportedly used by investors and billionaires.

On by Andrew Wyrich

A tweet from Eric Trump on top of a comedy group singing

Eric Trump fell for that fake Bloomberg dance video

Despite being debunked in December, the president’s son shared the video uncritically on Wednesday.

On by Mikael Thalen

Senator Edward John Markey speaking to the USDOT

Senator calls on Amazon to fight coronavirus price gouging

‘No one should be allowed to reap a windfall from fear and human suffering.’

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Homepage article image

WeChat is censoring coronavirus content

Researchers discovered that the censorship has been ongoing since at least Jan. 1.

On by Mikael Thalen

Ring Doorbell Recording Movements

Ring doorbells are collecting way more data than you think

The detailed look into the kind of information Ring is collecting comes as privacy and digital rights groups have raised alarms about the devices.

On by Andrew Wyrich

sanders trump biden

Why Trump fans are calling the Democratic primary ‘rigged’

Some are blaming the Deep State. Some are blaming Elizabeth Warren.

On by David Covucci

Michael Bloomberg suspends 2020 campaign

Michael Bloomberg ends campaign after spending hundreds of millions, winning one primary

His campaign had a lot of advertising, but was short lived.

On by Andrew Wyrich

Donald Trump Orb US Embassy

The U.S. is now in possession of Saudi Arabia’s mysterious orb

The orb was the center of a memetic frenzy in 2017.

On by Andrew Wyrich

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