Servers praise customers who bussed their own table before leaving

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‘I love when customers do it for me’: Servers praise customers who bussed their own table before leaving

'I'm surprised not everyone does this.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Sep 3, 2023

The service industry is a big topic of conversation on TikTok. Users on the platform share everything about their jobs in the industry, ranging from complaints about their workplaces to the little ways they retaliate against rude customers.

One popular area of discussion is what one should do when having finished eating their meal. Numerous TikTokers have made videos showing how to clean up a table after having eaten—and now, another clip has gone viral after TikTokers showed just how thankful servers are when customers do that. 

In a clip with over 1.9 million views as of Sunday, the TikTok page for O’Byrne’s Irish Pub in Edmonton, Canada (@obyrnespub) shows a man bussing a table before leaving. In response, one of the servers looks at the table in amazement and says, “Someone cooked here.” The trending audio, taken from the show Breaking Bad, is meant to convey that the person “cooking” has their sh*t together, or has been trained previously to do a positive thing.

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In the comments section, many users said they frequently did the same thing when eating out at restaurants.

“Feel too guilty leaving the table a whole mess,” a commenter explained. “Might as well make the job easier and I love when customers do it for me.”

“I’m no longer a server but will forever do this for my servers,” another added.

“I work in the food industry. I will never leave a table dirty or a mess period,” shared a third.

That said, some claim they’ve experienced pushback when attempting to clear a table.

“I do that every time and I get so tired of hearing ‘you know that’s their job, right,’” a user wrote.

“I try to do that but every time I do my dad/mom gets annoyed at me saying it’s their job,” echoed a second.

“I started doing that last night and my sister told me to stop as it’s ‘not that kind of place,’” claimed an additional TikToker. “What???”

The Daily Dot reached out to O’Byrne’s Irish Pub via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Sep 3, 2023, 8:13 am CDT