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‘I’m a server not a servant’: Server says family made him clean 2 tables, only for them to walk out

‘It’s always so evident who has and who hasn’t worked in the service industry.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral video, a fed-up server shared a recent encounter with a rude and impatient group of customers.

In the video, Dean Redmond (@deanredmonds) explained that his coworker had to leave their shift early because she wasn’t feeling well, so he was in charge of tending to more than 20 tables. On top of that, he was doing “bartender activities,” had to bus tables and seat people since the hostess recently quit. His video has more than 89,000 views.

It was safe to say Redmond was dealing with a lot on his own.

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“Some of y’all need to realize I’m a server not a servant,” Redmond said

He went on to say that as soon as one of his tables got up and left, a family of four took their table. He asked them to give him a second before he could serve them.

“A second in restaurant time means please just give me a minute. I’m sprinting around because Im bringing out boxes, checks,” Redmond said.

By the time he was able to grab a rag and spray and head over to the table of new customers, the woman was staring Redmond down.

“‘Having a laugh back there with a coworker?’” Redmond recounted the woman saying.

Redmond apologized to her and tells her he’s the only one working a busy shift. She doesn’t seem to acknowledge Redmond’s workload and lets him finish bussing the table before stating they were too close to the air conditioner and needed to move.

Redmond proceeded to bus another table for the family, but the woman says the table is too wobbly and they need to move again. Redmond explained that there aren’t other tables available, and they may need to wait about 20 minutes to get a different one.

“’You’re wasting our time. This has been 30 minutes of this nonsense,’” the woman told Redmond as she gets up and storms out with her family.

“I literally could have been helping other people who would have tipped me,” Redmond said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Redmond for comment via Instagram DM. Commenters largely lamented about Redmond’s experience and shared their own.

“It’s always so evident who has and who hasn’t worked in the service industry,” a person wrote.

“The amount of times I’m running the whole front of house and people can’t even cut me the tiniest slack,” another said.

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