restaurant point-of-sale screen with caption 'when your tables rude so you decide to charge them for there To go cups and extra limes' (l&r) limes (c)

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‘When your tables are rude’: Server charges ‘rude table’ for to-go cups, limes as revenge

‘All jokes, ha ha.’


Beau Paul


If you think barking orders or snapping your fingers at your server is going to get you better service, it’s definitely time to rethink your approach. It’s been said many times and in many ways that being rude to the people that handle your food will not end well for you. And sometimes, it may even ding you right in the wallet.

@mikaela44 All jokes haha 😂🫶 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #waitress #mexrestaurant #rudecustomer ♬ Haters Anthem – Infinity Song

TikToker and service industry worker Mikaela (@mikaela44) showed what payback for a hypothetically rude table might look like. In a video posted three days ago that has been viewed over 20,000 times so far, Mikaela shows what she might do in a situation with unruly customers.

The video shows an unnamed restaurant’s Point of Sale system touchscreen. The video’s screen text reads, “When your table’s rude so you decide to charge them for their to-go cups and extra limes.” A hand can be seen entering the order into the POS, which displays the extra charges.

The clip also uses Infinity Song’s single “Hater Nation” with the lyric “I love the way it feels to be a hater” featured prominently.

It’s unclear whether Mikaela was the server in question during this incident, or if the “revenge” in the video actually took place. The caption reads, “All jokes haha,” suggesting that the skit being acted out didn’t actually happen.

Her account does not feature any other content about restaurant work but one post does state that she left at least one position because it was a “#toxicjob.”

The Daily Dot is attempting to reach out to Mikaela for further comment.

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