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People think Ghislaine Maxwell was Photoshopped in those In-N-Out photos

Here’s all their evidence.


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The death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein continues to churn out conspiracy theories, as countless people attempt to make sense of the former financer’s reported suicide at a New York jail on Aug. 10

And now, questions are being raised about recent photographs of Epstein’s former girlfriend and alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell.

As you may recall, Maxwell was seemingly photographed at an In-N-Out Burger in Hollywood, California, on Aug. 12, as Epstein’s reported suicide continued to dominate headlines.

Yet around that same time, media reports alleged that Maxwell had been located, hiding out with her boyfriend in Massachusetts.

Unsurprisingly, conspiracy theorists immediately began to nitpick every aspect of the photos–as is now common practice when dealing with anything surrounding Epstein. In the aftermath of his death, a photo of Epstein on a gurney was even cited as proof by conspiracy theorists that the sex offender had been replaced by a body double.

Almost all of the theories surrounding Maxwell’s photo are hardly evidence of anything. While many pointed to the fact that two cups were on the table, others noted that it’s common for one customer to order a drink and a milkshake at In-N-Out.

Others said that it made no sense that Maxwell appeared to remove her glasses while reading a book, interestingly titled, The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives.

Even the quality of the picture was called into questions, with allegations that the camera used was of higher quality than what a normal cell phone user would have.

Two cell phones were also pictured on the table where Maxwell sat, raising questions as to whether or not she was alone.

Amid all the conspiracy theories, however, appears to be a few strange discrepancies that may have at least some merit. The Daily Mail recently visited the In-N-Out location and noticed that an advertisement on a bus stop in the background did not match one featured in the photo.

While the photo of Maxwell showed the advertisement to be for the movie Good Boys, journalists who visited the scene said the ad was actually for a local hospital. After contacting the company behind the ad spot, the Daily Mail was reportedly told that the hospital ad had been in place since July 28 and that an ad for Good Boys had never been placed there.

A spokesperson for the ad agency in question, Outfront Media, told the Daily Mail that it believed the Good Boys poster had been “photoshopped” in. A legal expert even suggested that the photo could have been planted by Maxwell herself to throw off the FBI.

‘The FBI want to talk to her and a lot of lawyers are trying to find her,” the legal expert said. “Perhaps this whole photo at the burger joint is set up.”

Forensic photo expert Adam Wandt of John Jay College of Criminal Justice told Inside Edition that he believes the photos show signs of being altered.

“There’s a wave of line going down her back that’s indicative of Photoshop manipulation,” Wandt said. “There’s also brush strokes visible at the bottom that would lead me to believe that somebody possibly added Miss Maxwell to this picture.”

So what exactly is going on here? The truth is, no one actually seems to know. But it appears, at least this time, something fishy may be going on. Either that or Epstein’s death has turned everyone into a conspiracy theorist.


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