The intersection of the internet and the state.

U.S. ban on in-flight electronics makes no sense
Experts and customers are baffled by the ban, which mysteriously blocks some electronic devices on some U.S.-bound flights.
Immigrants commit fewer crimes than Trump wants you to believe
Yes, even undocumented immigrants.
Putin critic Alexei Navalny had green paint thrown in his face, and it’s really working for him
Alexei Navalny isn't the first Putin critic to be doused in green paint, but he might be the first to turn it to his advantage.
Reddit’s most controversial question was just asked at Neil Gorsuch’s Senate hearing
Neil Gorsuch got an AMA question in his hearing today.
NASA blocks FOIA request for potential White House ‘media blackout’ orders
NASA appears to have invented a new rule that seemingly affects only users of a popular online FOIA service.
FBI reportedly looking into Breitbart, InfoWars as part of Trump–Russia probe
Russia is believed to have spread pro-Trump stories using social media bots.
U.S. bans most electronics on flights from 8 Muslim countries
The directive is separate from the blocked travel ban.
These smart firewalls will keep hackers out of your home
Just sit back, and let these firewalls do the hard security work for you.
Ivanka Trump is moving into the White House
Ivanka Trump previously said she would play no formal role in her father's administration.
Millennial conservative star Tomi Lahren facing week-long suspension at the Blaze
She told 'The View' on Friday that she's pro-choice.
Elmo gets laid off from ‘Sesame Street’ in brutal parody of Trump’s budget proposal
Is Donald Trump’s PBS budget cut a retaliation against ‘Sesame Street’?