The intersection of the internet and the state.

Video game composer boycotts Gillette after anti-toxic masculinity ad
Marty O’Donnell worked on 'Halo' and 'Destiny.'
TSA agents are the latest tool in the government shutdown meme war
Users are trolling opportunistic partisan players with the TSA agent meme that mocks how unpaid federal employees are being used as cheap propaganda.
A man found a camera in his Airbnb and the company didn’t seem to care
Airbnb apologizes for its handling of the issue
Sprint promises to stop selling location data after outcry
They are they third company to stop selling data.
Kirsten Gillibrand announces presidential bid—and Al Franken diehards are salty
It's almost like Democrats have learned nothing in two years.
Did Laura Loomer get duped into believing Muslims got her suspended from Twitter?
The WSJ may have been pranked in the process, too.
Roku defends decision to host InfoWars amid online backlash (updated)
The attorney for the Sandy Hook families currently suing InfoWars issued a response saying Roku's decision was 'an insult to the memory' of the shooting's victims.
NBC asked reporters not to call Steve King’s comments ‘racist’
King doesn't understand why 'white supremacist' is offensive, and NBC News doesn't understand why he's racist.
Parents, teachers cry foul over Verizon fee hike for popular education app
Company claims it’s cracking down on spam, critics say it’s prioritizing profits over people.
Ajit Pai is refusing to testify about cell phone tracking data
He doesn't want to talk to Congress about this.
Judge rules police can’t make suspects unlock phones with biometrics
The ruling said doing so is self-incrimination.
YouTube shuts down Alex Jones’ InfoWars lookalike channel
Jones has been kicked off YouTube ... again.
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