The intersection of the internet and the state.

Donald Trump declares May 1 as Loyalty Day—and Twitter is loving the irony
It's a day that's been around for six decades.
EPA deletes climate change information from its own website
Trump wants to eliminate much of Obama's environmental policies.
100 days in, Donald Trump is losing
Donald Trump is learning what failure looks like.
5 pro-choice women leaders share what ‘Democratic Unity’ means to them
Unlike Bernie Sanders' vision, theirs doesn't include abandoning women's reproductive rights.
Obama reportedly zings Trump by bragging about Obamacare
Little support has been shown for the Republican's failed proposed alternative to Obamacare.
Trump just appointed anti-abortion leader to top Health and Human Services position
Charmaine Yoest is known as the 'public enemy no. 1' of abortion rights organizations.
NSA ends collection of Americans’ emails, texts that mention foreign targets
Edward Snowden first exposed the practice in 2013.
The FCC is being spammed with pro-Trump bots
A spam campaign is trying to kill the open internet.
Here are Trump’s favorite words to tweet during his first 100 days
The president's favorite social platform analysed his usage.
Jimmy John’s cashier couldn’t care less that a robber pointed a gun in his face
Who knew Jimmy John's cashiers had this kind of fortitude?
Donald Trump prints out 2016 electoral maps and hands them out to people
In case anyone forgot, President Donald Trump won the 2016 election.
Democrats in Congress move to ban conversion therapy, labeling it ‘fraud’
If the bill becomes a law, conversion therapy programs would shut down across the nation.
Data breach of U.S. auto lender left over 500K customers exposed
The leaked files contained full names, addresses, FICO credit scores, and partial Social Security numbers.
Most millennials disapprove of Trump’s performance, poll shows
About 40 percent of millennials would give Trump an 'F' on his first 100 days.
GOP bill would expel Wisconsin students for disrupting campus speeches
The bill is an effort to address free speech on campus.