The intersection of the internet and the state.

You can now pay for a Vegas lap dance with Bitcoin
Dancers will also have QR codes tattooed on their bodies.
New York police union asserts that ‘blue racism’ is worse than actual racism
The union president is having second thoughts about using the term 'racism' in the video.
Trump’s fake Twitter army grows by 2.4 million ‘egg accounts’
More than half of Trump's 5.5 million new followers are fake or inactive.
Radical members of Congress have more Facebook followers, Pew study finds
Can you guess who has the biggest following on Facebook?
Robert De Niro: Trump is a ‘flat-out, blatant racist’
'At this point, we’re at a crisis in this country with this fool.'
Tiger Woods nudes leaked after Lindsey Vonn phone hack
Vonn will take 'all necessary and appropriate legal action.'
Kentucky governor believes Charlottesville happened because the Bible isn’t taught in schools
Related: He also passed a bill allowing public schools to teach the Bible.
Nearly 10 percent of Americans think it’s OK to be a neo-Nazi
The poll also found more dismal approval ratings for Donald Trump.
Hate group cancels pro-Trump rallies, moves them online
Never mind the measly two people who marked 'going' on Facebook.
The 4 best antivirus apps to keep your computer adware free
A good adware removal tool will keep your Mac or PC running its best.
Trump reportedly sees Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as a 2020 threat
Trump vs. Zuck? Donald Trump's campaign reportedly thinks it could happen.
Microsoft lets obvious pirated-movie apps onto its ‘top free’ apps list
The illegal apps are reportedly on Xbox, PC, and mobile.