The intersection of the internet and the state.

Google reportedly gathering millions of Americans’ personal health records
'Project Nightingale' is gathering personal health information from 21 states.
Instagram covers video costs for celebs who don’t get political
Users who discuss 'social issues, elections, or politics' are not eligible for the program.
Cops cuff Black man for eating sandwich on subway platform
Protesters held an 'eat-in' on the platform.
Trump says he’s meeting with vaping industry as administration readies new rules
The administration is expected to announce rules this week.
Hong Kong police caught on live stream shooting protester
The protester is in critical condition.
Twitter proposes adding warnings to tweets with deepfakes
Twitter said last month it would develop a policy.
lhan Omar baselessly accused of anti-Semitism for billionaires tweet
Others say her critics are crying wolf.
Tulsi Gabbard wants Hillary Clinton to retract her Russia accusations
Gabbard's lawyers joined the war of words between the 2020 hopeful and Clinton.
Video shows police arresting churro seller in subway station
NYPD is facing criticism over the move.
What’s the difference between a vape and an e-cigarette?
Here's the difference between the two.
The neo-Nazi data dump has been a boon to Nazi recruiters
Amerika wants to deport all non-whites and create a caste system.
Facebook promises to hide whistleblower’s name after showing it to everyone
Ads showing the whistleblower's name were reportedly been seen by hundreds of thousands of people.
White nationalist Nick Fuentes tossed off Reddit
He's previously been banned on Reddit.
Bloomberg’s potential foray into 2020 met with ‘Ok Bloomer’ retorts
Everyone was on the same page with the joke.
Why ‘Jim Jordan Knew’ is back in the news
Jim Jordan gets accused (again!) of covering up Ohio State sex abuse.
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