Area 51 remix video proves it’s the summer of Lil Nas X
'Old Town Road' is the ultimate unifier of the internet age—and it's frickin' genius.

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The intersection of the internet and the state.

Rand Paul dodges questions about 9/11 Victims Fund, says ‘watch Fox News’
Paul has faced criticism after his 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund decision.
AT&T paid Michael Cohen to consult on net neutrality, FBI documents show
Net neutrality was apparently part of the agreement between Cohen and AT&T.
Twitter overturns Barrett Brown’s third permanent suspension
Barrett Brown is getting banned again.
Schumer calls on FBI, FTC to investigate FaceApp
Viral app raises privacy concerns.
Rand Paul ripped for halting 9/11 Victim Fund re-authorization bill
Jon Stewart, and the internet, have criticized Paul's decision.
Inside Britt McHenry’s war on women
She's asking women to believe her after years of doubting them.
Beto can’t leverage his slave owner ancestry to gain Black voters’ trust
If he really cares, he should drop out of the presidential race.
Oakland to become the third U.S. city to ban facial recognition
The city trails San Francisco, California, and Somerville, Massachusetts.
Should you be concerned about your privacy on FaceApp?
If you're worried about FaceApp, you should definitely be worried about Snapchat.
Google ‘terminates’ Dragonfly, its censored search engine for China
The company says it has no future plans to launch a search engine in China.
Black conservative activist made #IceBae a thing (updated)
As the Border Patrol reveals controversial #ICEBae's true identity and says she's free to post more selfies, it turns out her viral fame was a targeted troll.
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