The intersection of the internet and the state.

Trump to launch $200M STEM education initiative with Silicon Valley leaders
The aim is to prepare students for computer science jobs.
LeBron James says he won’t let Donald Trump divide America through sports
He compared the president to his daughter eating too many Skittles.
Protester in wheelchair rolled out by police during healthcare hearing
In response, Sen. Bill Cassidy yawned.
Ivanka Trump used private email address to conduct government business
Ivanka Trump and her husband now have this in common, too.
Amid NFL protests, right-wing media finds its own Colin Kaepernick
Everyone from Ted Cruz to Tomi Lohren is showing 'respect' for Villanueva.
Steve Bannon reportedly tried to spy on Facebook
This happened only a few days before he linked up with Trump.
NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. defends NFL protests
Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s statement flies in the face of other NASCAR leaders' threats.
Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months for sexting underage girl
He says this is his 'rock bottom.'
Trump’s Twitter silence about Puerto Rico’s devastation is deafening
He did tweet about sports over a dozen times this weekend, though.
Trump adds 2 new countries for 3rd iteration of travel ban
Trump's latest travel ban is the harshest yet.
Trump claims his national anthem tweets have nothing to do with race
A Dolphins player teared up while talking about it afterward.
Obama tried to warn Zuckerberg about Facebook’s fake news problem
The former president said things will only get worse next time around.
Use an iPhone? Here’s what this Trump-linked data firm knows about you
A firm hired by the Trump campaign knows a lot about you.