The intersection of the internet and the state.

Trump bans U.S. trade in Petro, Venezuela’s new cryptocurrency
The currency was supposed to subvert U.S. sanctions.
What is Cambridge Analytica, the data firm connected to the Trump campaign?
There has been a lot of pushback against Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.
Uber suspends self-driving tests after fatal accident
This is the first fatal incident involving a pedestrian.
Study reveals Trump supporters like conformity, ‘controlling others’
Personal values, not political beliefs, might have driven supporters to vote for Trump.
Senator wants Congress to investigate Trump 2016 data firm
Markey said the incident 'allegedly violated the privacy of tens of millions of Americans.'
Democrats memo lays out possible future of House Russia investigation
They may subpoena information about encrypted apps.
Trump continues attack on Mueller as interview grows near
There's some panic and confusion in the White House.
Jim Carrey criticized for painting a controversial portrait of, apparently, Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Folks say the painting is in poor taste and inappropriate.
Whistleblower Christopher Wylie says his Facebook has been suspended
His story has been dominating the headlines.
Democrats are offering Andrew McCabe jobs to try to save his pension
He's getting plenty of offers on Twitter.
Trump lawyer says Russia investigation should end after McCabe firing
Trump was unrestrained in his glee on Twitter.
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