The intersection of the internet and the state.

Twitter CEO thinks Bitcoin will be the one currency to rule them all
He previously called blockchain the 'next big unlock.'
Breitbart News struggles as readership drops by half
The site's problems are both ideological and technological.
People are tearing apart this bad tweet about ‘bomb control’ marches
Turns out America already has pretty strict bomb control.
Reddit bans dark net subreddit and forum for trading beer
The site added a list of prohibited items to its policies.
Zuckerberg breaks silence about data scandal in Facebook post
Facebook has finally issued a statemnt.
YouTube cracks down on gun videos
It will now prohibit several types of content.
Obamas write heartfelt letter to Parkland shooting survivors
The Obama's said they were 'inspired' by the 'resilience, resolve and solidarity' of the survivors.
How to protect your personal data from sketchy third-party Facebook apps
Don't trust Facebook to safeguard your personal information.
Trump’s furor over national security leak… leaks
White House ‘rattled’ by Putin-reminder leak that could only from inner circle.
Trump’s judicial pick under fire for racist, homophobic remarks
He called marriage equality 'an assault on nature.'
Ben Carson’s makes transphobic comments amid a trans homelessness epidemic
The HUD secretary seems to be asking for another lawsuit.
Researchers find child pornography in the Bitcoin blockchain
The files could 'jeopardize' cryptocurrencies.
Reddit suspends account claiming to be Austin bomber
The user posted an 'Ask Me Anything' before being suspended.
Suspected Austin serial bomber dies after explosion, police chase (updated)
Authorities said they haven't determined whether the suspect left other bombs or if he acted alone.
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