Podcast host Joe Rogan

Don’t fall for Joe Rogan’s latest Instagram post

The screenshot shared by Rogan is from a fake news website known as 'News Punch.'

On Jan 31, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

Chicken eating up close

Are rising egg prices Jeffrey Epstein’s fault? Maybe!


On Jan 25, 2023 by Claire Goforth

Nick Fuentes speaking with headphones on (l) Ali Alexander speaking with headphones on (r)

Far-right figures Ali Alexander, Nick Fuentes re-banned from Twitter

Supporters of the pair are directing their anger towards Elon Musk.

On Jan 25, 2023 by Mikael Thalen


‘It’s coming’: Stock market technical glitch sparks ‘Great Reset’ panic

'Nothing to see here.'

On Jan 24, 2023 by Claire Goforth

Homepage article image

Fake CNN headline on Damar Hamlin fools conspiracy theorists

Of course, the headline isn’t real.

On Jan 24, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

gloved hands holding syringe with covid vaccine

Why COVID vaccine skeptics now claim shots cause uncontrollable leg shaking

Twitter users are skeptical of a woman who shared footage of herself uncontrollably shaking.

On Jan 23, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

Diamond and Silk at Trump rally

‘I call it murder’: Silk revives anti-vax ‘shedding’ conspiracy while eulogizing Diamond

'Many call it a conspiracy theory.'

On Jan 23, 2023 by Claire Goforth

Trump supporters rioting at the US Capitol January, 6 2021

Capitol rioters were motivated by QAnon’s conspiracies—but did they actually believe in it?

Many Capitol rioters mocked the movement in their Jan. 6 Committee depositions.

On Jan 17, 2023 by Mike Rothschild

An image of President Joe Biden's face distorted

Conspiracy theorists think this obviously altered video of Joe Biden is real

Biden’s face in the footage appears to be heavily contorted.

On Jan 17, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

Andrew Tate speaking with arm out

Andrew Tate fans claim voice messages of him admitting sexual assault were made by AI

The claims have no evidence.

On Jan 12, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

Mona Lisa on display at museum with caption 'THE MONA LISA GOT WHAT' 'POV you go to see the Mona Lisa 4 days before it was stolen' (l) police cars driving with lights on caption 'POV: your in Paris when the Mona Lisa has been stolen' (c) man greenscreen TikTok over image of museum with art not on wall with caption 'I DIDN'T SEE TIKTOK FOR 2 HOURS AND THE MONA LISA GOT STOLEN?!?' (r)

A ‘Minions’ joke convinced all of TikTok that the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre

The rumor originated with a tourist video of some police vehicles in Paris.

On Jan 10, 2023 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Roger Stone

Roger Stone is already spreading misinformation after being let back on Twitter

Stone returned to Twitter earlier last month.

On Jan 10, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

Homepage article image

A TikTok about a ‘giant’ on a mountaintop is fueling unfounded rumors of a CIA assassination 

It's a bizarre rumor that persists.

On Jan 9, 2023 by Claire Goforth

Homepage article image

‘We want the source code’: Far-right in Brazil are using the Jan. 6 playbook to overturn an election

Voting fraud conspiracy theories are running rampant in Brazil.

On Jan 9, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

Protesters, supporters of Brazil's former President Jair Bolsonaro, stand on the roof of the National Congress building after they stormed it, in Brasilia, Brazil

Far-right claims Brazilian coup attempt was government ‘false flag’ operation

The conspiratorial claims have already begun.

On Jan 9, 2023 by David Covucci