Guy who wants to fund the border wall has privately raised $7 million


The veteran who’s hellbent on raising money for a U.S.-Mexico border wall says he has already privately collected millions of dollars after announcing donors to his GoFundMe page would be refunded.

Brian Kolfage had raised $20 million with the “We the People Will Build the Wall” campaign he started to aid the federal government in funding President Donald Trump’s wall. But the amount raised fell short of the campaign’s $1 billion goal, and both Kolfage and GoFundMe said last week donors would be refunded unless they wanted their donations directed to his new nonprofit, We Build the Wall, Inc.

CBS News reported Thursday that Kolfage and another source familiar with the campaign said more than 120,000 donors were sending $7 million in refunds to his nonprofit. The GoFundMe page states the money will go “toward wall construction only.”

“Our donors gave to us to get the job done, and they trust us to do so,” Kolfage told CBS News.

Kolfage then said that $7 million was a “guess” and that more than 8,300 people had asked for their money back.

As Business Insider points out, his original GoFundMe page remains on the website and appears to still be collecting donations. The description states anyone who has contributed money and takes no action to redirect their donations will be refunded by April 11.


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Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers

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