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Hackers appear to take over Matt Walsh’s Twitter account—lob insults at Ben Shapiro

HIs supporters are not amused.


Claire Goforth


Posted on Apr 19, 2023

Conservative mouthpiece Matt Walsh’s Twitter account was hacked on Tuesday evening. The hacker used the opportunity to promote an explicit song about gay sex and disparage Walsh’s allies.

His supporters are outraged over the hacking.

Walsh is a Daily Wire personality who has made his name as a professional transphobe. Lately, he’s been pushing the Bud Light boycott over the brand giving transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a commemorative can.

On Tuesday, Walsh’s 1.7 million followers noticed an abrupt shift in his discourse.

Whoever had control of his account made their pinned tweet, “My pronouns are That/N***a.” An archive of the account, while it was under the hacker’s control, shows that they tagged his colleague Ben Shapiro and accused him of being gay. They also called Joe Rogan a pedophile and claimed that Andrew Tate “kidnapped and r*ped those girls.”

Tate is accused of trafficking women for sex, which he denies. There’s no evidence the allegations about Shapiro and Rogan are true.

Walsh’s hacker also tweeted, “My Twitter isn’t hacked. This is just the real me coming out.”

The tweet suggests they may have control over much more than Walsh’s Twitter account. It included a photo of a phone with its text message history displayed. One of the messages warns, “Your Twitter has been hacked.” That number reportedly belongs to another Daily Wire personality. Others contain security codes from Microsoft, Google, and Twitter. The phone numbers match those that each company sends texts from.

If the photo is authentic, then whoever hacked his account may have cloned or even stolen Walsh’s phone.

The hacker also used Walsh’s account to promote “Sassy Shooters” by Gabriel <3. The song is about gay sex and includes lines like “put that dick in my ass” and “spin on my block/get ya dick sucked.”

Whoever was behind the hacking changed Walsh’s location to Sassy Shooters x CD, added a link to the song on Spotify, and made his header photo to a Minecraft-style image from Gabriel <3’s Spotify profile. As of Tuesday morning, his account still displayed this location, the link to “Sassy Shooters” on Spotify, and header photo.

They also tweeted a lyric from the song, “I ain’t a gangsta, I’m a sassy shooter.”

The hacker’s good times didn’t last long. According to reports circulating online, within roughly an hour, Twitter locked the account and deleted the tweets.

However short-lived the hacking may have been, it was long enough to amuse Walsh’s many critics.

“Matt Walsh was hacked & I’m laughing my ass off!” @kraywhiseheart tweeted.

Another person commented, “Matt Walsh getting hacked is like Christmas.”

Walsh’s allies weren’t nearly as amused. Malaysian influencer Ian Miles Cheong, who has an odd obsession with American politics, claimed it’s illegal for journalists to ask the hacker to send them Walsh’s direct messages (it isn’t).

Shapiro, also of the Daily Wire, alleged that Walsh has received so many threats that he’s hired round-the-clock security. “Now he’s been hacked. The tolerant and diverse and kind crowd are celebrating, of course,” Shapiro complained.

Others went even further.

“And yet there are people on our side who think we should deal with the enemy with civility and respect. I have a different approach. Go lower,” @Shaftan tweeted.

Another said that Walsh’s Twitter getting taken over to promote a song about gay sex is “no different than some of the swatting or the pipe bomb.”

As of this writing, Walsh has not resumed tweeting from his account.

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*First Published: Apr 19, 2023, 10:12 am CDT