JD Vance and his wife(l), Trump at Maga Rally(r)

Racists can’t decide if they like J.D. Vance

His wife is Indian but he is white.

On by Tricia Crimmins

Alex Soros and Huma Abedin

Hillary Clinton’s top aide marrying George Soros’ son sends conspiracy world into a tizzy

‘Enjoy it while it lasts your both traitors to this country and we all know what the penalty is for being a traitor…’

On by Mikael Thalen

The Heritage Foundation logo over hacker image

Read the furious texts the Heritage Foundation sent furry hacking collective SiegedSec after breach

‘Closeted Furries will be presented to the world for the degenerate perverts they are,’ Howell said.

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Pedro Pascal in Gladiator II(l), Statue of Augustus Caesar(c), Denzel Washington in Gladiator II(r)

Alt-right Roman Empire fanboys are having a crisis over the new ‘Gladiator’

Many complaints seem to forget the point of the original.

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California water budget

‘Dystopian nightmare’: Water budget deemed ‘woke’ by the far-right

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has garnered right-wing backlash over the past year.

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The Heritage Foundation logo(l), Ryan Walters(c), Prager U logo(r)

After bringing on Libs of TikTok, Ryan Walters adds PragerU, Heritage Foundation to Oklahoma education team

Those appointed include PragerU’s founder and the president of the Heritage Foundation.

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Homepage article image

Patriot Front busted for using another U-Haul to transport members to a rally

The same tactic previously led to over 30 arrests in Idaho.

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the new norm

Anti-woke animated sitcom ‘The New Norm’ manages to cram 4 years of right-wing grievances into 4-minute pilot

The show stars Dave Rubin and Larry Elder.

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Rudy Giuliani over my pillow

Rudy Giuliani advertised MyPillow every single day for a month—it earned him $1,200

He made almost twice the amount from X posts.

On by Marlon Ettinger

Ultra Right, the non-woke beer, has a new spokesperson: The trad wife who said the N-word

Ultra Right, the non-woke beer, has a new spokesperson: The trad wife who said the N-word

Infinity War WAS the most ambitious crossover event in history.

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Floating heads talking

EXCLUSIVE: COVID skeptics are now hyping bird flu fears—and making money pushing prescription ‘contagion kits’

The kit includes Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

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Man holding flag that says 'White Boy Summer'

Turning Point USA accused of stealing its new summer slogan from white nationalists

The slogan comes from a 2021 Chet Hanks anthem.

On by Katherine Huggins

Stew Peters forced to remove defamatory videos about queer influencer

A far-right streamer tried to sic the cops on a queer dad influencer—it backfired

The influencer, @NYCGayDad, threatened a lawsuit.

On by Tricia Crimmins

Man with binoculars staring at LGBTQIA flag

EXCLUSIVE: Inside ‘Pride Watch,’ a 13,000-strong Facebook group outing schools for LGBTQ celebrations

The group says kids walking past Pride celebrations have to navigate a ‘sexuality-and-gender-ideology-gauntlet.’

On by Tricia Crimmins

The far-right is arguing over who has the most 'meme magic'

Trump’s far-right fans hate his ‘normie’ 2024 memes

The ‘dark, fascist’ undertones are gone.

On by Mikael Thalen

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