iOS 11’s massive space requirement sends Twitter into a tizzy

Image via Apple, Emoji Island

Before you can download iOS 11, you may need to free up some storage space first…

In our guide to downloading iOS 11, there was one “given” that we failed to mention. Before you can install the new operating system on your phone, you have to have enough storage space to download it in the first place.

For those who love to take photos and videos or have numerous Spotify playlists saved directly to their handset, this is a problem. It means you’ve got to do some pruning. You need to delete images, delete apps, delete whatever you can to squeeze out the couple more MB (or GB) you’re missing on your phone.

A number of iOS users took to Twitter to express their frustrations that they don’t have enough storage space on their phones to update their OS today … and it’s hilarious. Check out some of the best responses below.

It can be a delicate, tedious process.

Someone’s mom will not be happy about this life choice.

And then there’s the feeling when you do have enough space for the 2.4 GB download.

Of course, there were definitely a few folks rubbing it in that they didn’t need to spend their morning waiting on the download.

If you haven’t updated your iPhone yet, you can check if your device is compatible here. Not sure you want to update your iDevice? You can preview some of iOS 11’s best new features here.

If you’re a steadfast Android user, you probably feel like this right about now:


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