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Flickr will start deleting your photos soon

Company set to remove content from free accounts.


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Feb 4, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 7:58 pm CDT

Image-hosting website Flickr is set to begin deleting user content on Tuesday following last year’s decision to limit free accounts.

The move, which will affect free accounts with more than 1,000 photos, comes after the company’s 2018 acquisition by SmugMug. Flickr is now offering accounts with both unlimited storage and ad-free browsing but for the price of roughly $50.00 per year.

The company defended the policy change in a press release last year, arguing that free services “are seldom actually free for users.”

“Users pay with their data or with their time,” Flickr said. “We would rather the arrangement be transparent.”

The company did, however, announce that any photos shared under the Creative Commons license will not be deleted.

How to save your Flickr photos

Those wishing to save any photos or videos before they are removed by Flickr are urged to take action. As noted by Gizmodo, there are two methods for downloading your photos quickly before tomorrow’s deadline.

The first method involved your account’s camera roll. First, hover over the you option on the top menu while logged in. Next, click on the camera roll option. Begin by clicking select all next to each batch of photos, which are grouped by the dates they were uploaded. Keep in mind that you can only select and download 500 at a time. The collection will be presented as a .zip file and can be downloaded by selecting the FlickrMail option located under the alert bell in the top menu.

The second method allows you to download your media content through your albums. Simply click albums under the you menu option and select the download icon on each album cover photo. The file will similarly be presented in the .zip format and be available under the bell icon’s FlickrMail option.


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*First Published: Feb 4, 2019, 1:53 pm CST