Say 'waddup' to dat boi, the unicycling frog meme

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Who is he?

As April rolled over to May, Twitter users were confused—as usual. But this time, it wasn't about politics, celebrities, or a fantasy TV show.

It was about something else entirely.

The frog in question, which had seemingly invaded Tumblr last year before migrating to the Twitterverse, is exactly as described above.


As to the questions raised above: The frog is only known as "dat boi," as in "here come dat boi." The arrival of dat boi is to be acknowledged with the phrase "o shit waddup," thereby signaling a delighted surprise.
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Why does dat boi exist? Why does he unicycle? Because in his simple, uncorrupted awesomeness, dat boi is emblematic of pure good.
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But not all have been swayed by the powerful message of dat boi.
Well too bad, doctors and everyone else. Dat boi is here for the foreseeable future. Dat boi is love and effortless chill. Dat boi will save us all.
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