Craigslist is to the Internet what the classified pages are (were?) to print newspapers: It’s a website for people to sell or buy goods and services, find jobs, check out apartments, and make filthy, disgusting, personal connections. And because it largely functions as a zany virtual bazaar of assorted depravities, it often surprises and amuses. Humanity doesn’t get more human.

A lonely grandma sought family to spend Christmas with on Craigslist
She had to take the post down after receiving hate.
Florida person allegedly tried to sell baby on Craigslist for $500
'I don’t wanna be judged for not wanting these kids,' the ad reads.
Kamala Harris’ ‘lover’ says Jacob Wohl hired him off Craigslist
The actor thought he was auditioning for a Spike TV show and that everyone was an actor.
Craigslist cracks down on scalpers selling Nipsey Hussle memorial tickets
The tickets are going for as much as $500 a piece on the secondary market.
What the now-defunct Craigslist personals section meant to LGBTQ people
'It was a space to see and be seen, experiencing the rush of cruising without having to out yourself to anyone else.'
Perfect fake Craigslist ad solicits help for Trump’s legal team
'Prior appearances on Fox News a huge plus.'
Trump signs controversial ‘sex-trafficking’ bill that could hurt the future of the internet
Critics of the bill say it could undermine internet freedom.
Craigslist shuts down its personals section, blaming ‘sex-trafficking’ bill
First Reddit, now Craigslist—which site will be next?
This fan-made Iron Throne is for sale—and it comes with a giant dragon skull
When being a ruler gets too hard, there's always Craigslist.
No, sir, we will not bone you by the darkness of the total eclipse while your cat watches
May I present to you the most ridiculous Craiglist ad yet.
Delusional couple’s Craigslist ad for an assistant is 1,800 words of escalating horror
If you are the most impressive human being on the planet with every single marketable skill, this couple would like to hire you to clean up dog vomit.
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